Monday, 31 October 2011

Old Parr

It's strange how one blog can suddenly ignite another. Delores over at has recently posted a blog on 'Scary' -' the first person to live to 150 has already been born'  ............. and he lived within walking distance from where we live. His name was Thomas Parr. He was born in 1483 and died in 1635
Katherine Milton was 18 and to do penance, Thomas Parr had to stand naked, covered in a white sheet  for one day in Wollaston Church

The cottage in which he spent almost all his life is owned and been restored by our neighbour friend Jennie.
I'll take you for a walk from our house up to it.

Take the narrow path up along the edge of the dingle past the earthworks of the old mill

Up the single track road towards Winnington

Take the left hand turn down Gypsy Lane

And there's Old Parr's cottage

Jennie welcomes us in for a cup of tea.

Jennie's Rooster - Old Parr

What fantastic things would you do with your life, if you lived until you were150?


  1. Small world after all Molly.

    Thanks for the walk. Maybe it's because it's Halloween but those lanes look a bit eerie.

  2. There's a bridge just before you go up the single track road called the 'County Bridge' and some folks have claimed to hear chains rattling on a dark night .....scary ...

  3. Sounds like some dodgy record keeping to me Molly!
    Your part of this beautiful planet is so gorgeous..thanks for taking us on this walk.

  4. What a lovely cozy little cottage.

  5. If I thought I could live to be 150 years old, I would save up my money for all the facelifts I would need.

    Thomas Parr seemed to have quite an active sex life way, way past his prime, and all without Viagra.

  6. oh I want to live in that cottage!!! thanks for the walk Molly. I'm not sure I'd want to live to 150, unless I could have the mind and body of a 40-year-old!!! and it's already too late for that, so I'm happy as I am, coasting along into my twilight years as cheerfully as possible. happy day to you Molly.

  7. Wonderful walk Molly and I just love that cottage.

  8. In the 15th-16th Centuries, you were lucky to live to be 50. I think failing memory possibly made Old Parr add a few years. But why ruin a good tale?

    Beautiful cottage; I do hope you'll tell Jennie that it's been admired the world over!

  9. I knew some of the tale - but I didn't know he was buried in Westminster Abbey - I can believe those rattling chains - because it is dead eirie down your lanes on a dark night x

  10. What a beautiful place,just as we picture it to be over there,and another thing to add to the to do list if i ever get to leave these shores again.

  11. No thank you, I don't want to reach 150, not even 100.

    I wouldn't mind walking your pretty lanes though.

  12. 150! Phew, Molly....I couldn't even crawl much less walk and I certainly don't want my kids pushing me in anything...ha! What a pretty trip to that little all is certainly charming!!

  13. 150yrs - I'll give it a try! ... I'll let you all know in about 100 years...hahahaha

    Thanks for the lovely walk about Molly...always a joy visiting here.