Sunday, 24 June 2012

Moon Shadows

After what seemed like endless weeks of rain, the sun came out and shone all day. And to night 10.45 pm just as I was getting ready to go to bed - a fabulous view of a new moon slowly sinking down behind the trees.
Life is good again.
Night night xx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rainy days and Thursdays

Ten minutes after I brought my coffee and my book out it was bucketing down.

The hedges are growing.

The weeds are growing.

The flowers are growing.

The rockery's growing

The roses are growing.

And when it stops raining, the gardener's going on holiday.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Mania

We just nipped into Welshpool this morning to stock up on a few odds and ends. Welshpool is as a rule the quietest of quiet. Not long ago they opened a brand new mega superstore where the old smithfield used to stand. 9am and it was about the norm when we got in. We parked up and then went for our usual cup of coffee. When we came back to get some milk and a loaf of bread, the car park was heaving. I stared wide eyed with disbelief over two motorists almost coming to blows with walking sticks over the one disabled parking spot left in the whole area. And in-store it was just like a swarm of locusts had descended - no vegetables, hardly any milk and the bread trays and basics all but empty. Nothing! I paid for my purchases at the till with a £20 note. I was apologetically given two handfuls of small change. The tills had run out of banknotes. I would imagine that a lot of people had paid electronically and drawn cash at the same time. And then I needed to go to the loo before going home. The inevitable queue in the Ladies. The toilets in there are very smart with the latest technology. There's a little green eyed sensor on the wall behind the toilet bowl. When you want to flush you just draw your hand over the sensor and it does it all automatically. Good eh! The ladies were coming out one after another apologising because the demand for water could not keep up with the little green eye. Every now and then there was a shriek from behind the door.
"OO Ow Ah!"
 The lady in front of me apologised for the loo not flushing.
'No worries! when you're desperate you're desperate, that's my outlook on life.' I just parked my ar*se comfortably on the seat when the flow of water in the cistern caught up with the little green eye and whoosh - buy one and get one free. I found out to my cost the 'OO's and Ah's' reason and it wasn't nice.
 I have great admiration for our lovely gracious queen and I'm truly a royalist at heart, but for the rest of the jubilee weekend, I'm waving my flag at home. Have you planned anything nice?