Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bad Backs and Gardening

Conversation when we got up this morning :-

O/H ........ 'What did you learn last night?'
Me .......... 'Cro's been gardening and done his back in'
O/H (looking serious) ..........'Oh, that's bad. 
                                               He ought to let his Missis do it all, like I do'

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The London Marathon

Did you watch the London Marathon today? I have to admit I'm no sports fanatic by a long chalk but I was gripped by the sheer number of runners out there and I stayed glued to the TV set for a fair while. Lots of congratulations to the winners, all of them. But I think the thing that really struck my heart and I guess everyone else's too, whether taking part or cheering like mad from the sidelines - the number of people with 'Boston' written across their T Shirts and the 30 second silence of remembrance being held for the people of Boston. This was a race like no other.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Winter seems to have gone on for ever this year. This afternoon I went for a walk  down the lane along by the old mill.

The grass is bleached and brittle. But on one patch of ground where the  stones are piled up in mounds, here and there  a peppering of coltsfoot have  spread out and flowered against the odds.

And on the bank alongside the road, clumps of primroses and the tiny white flowers of wild strawberry in bloom, defiant against the weather.

And then, tossed amongst it was an empty plastic water bottle and sweet wrappers.

And this ......

And this.

I felt so ANGRY with the person(s) who'd dropped it all. Now I just feel sad.