Sunday, 3 May 2015

Darling Buds of May Bank Holiday (2015)

The mini summer we had in April has evaporated and the last couple of days have been cold, grey and damp. So much so that for a couple of nights I've lit the Rayburn again. But then, if you didn't have a drop of rain, nothing would grow.

The blossom on the fruit trees seems to have appeared almost over night. Everything looks so much fresher after the rain. A little bit of joy amongst the scrabble of branches - a cherry tree weighed down with pink blossom. It was more left there, than planted there and has certainly come into its own this year. We'll be lucky if we get any cherries - the birds usually get there first, but the flowers are stunning.

That's a Crab Apple (Malus)  tree from down at 'the Mill'

 I love it when all the wild flowers grow where they will. Nobody can design a garden like that.

Stitchwort, wild strawberries and violets in the hedgerow.

And a bank of wild primrose.

I found this fungi growing at the top of the garden. It's got a thick cream coloured stem and a black sort of net toadstool head. Does anybody know what it might be? Looks a bit sinister?

A quick tour round my veggies (for John & Mary in New Zealand)
Rocket new potatoes are just starting to come into flower.

The cabbages the munchkins bit off earlier have grown again, sometimes with two little heads so ... 'It's an ill wind .... ' as they say.

 My broad beans are in flower. I sifted a little dressing of lime on them. They seem to like it OK. Well at least they haven't died so that's a bonus.

Runner beans are starting to go up the sticks.

Five Shirley tomatoes have got yellow trusses. Got fleece wrapped around them to keep out the wind.

A square of Little Gem lettuce.

Bye for now. Have a good week. x