Friday, 22 November 2013

The Colour Red

The last time we went food shopping, O/H put this poinsettia in my shopping trolley just for me. I love it. The bright red leaves come out a bit more every day. Red is my favourite colour.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Silence of the Trees

Went for a walk today

No sound, except a rook for a few seconds warning its predators to keep away.  It was wild.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Like my blogging friend Perpetua who lives a bit higher up Mid Wales, we took time out and went for a walk after dinner too.  You just couldn't live around here and waste the glitches of  November sunshine  - we don't get too many days like this at the end of the year.

There's a sloe tree, dripping with sloes in the hedge along the lane. I made some sloe gin one year. You collect the sloes, wash them and then prick each one a couple of times with a sterilised darning needle. Sterilise a few clean coffee jars with lids. A few sloes in the bottom (about a quarter of a jar) Equal amount of sugar. I don't usually bother  measuring, though if you want to, there are some good recipes on the internet. Top the jar up with gin and screw the lid down tightly. Keep turning the jar end to end every day for two weeks. As the juice turns to alcohol it takes on a deep rich ruby colour. Strain the juice into a sterilised bottle. Need to keep it for at least  three months before using. The longer you keep it, the better it is ........

There are masses of rose hips and berries in the hedge - should keep the birds happy through the winter.

Another little bit of joy, finding mushrooms in the hedgerows near the gate. Not knowing  much about identifying  fungi, I looked them up. The nearest description I could find was 'Parasol'  which are supposed to be a delicacy.I would never eat any mushroom I wasn't sure about, so for me it was just nice to see them growing.

There's the view across the field

Trees on the 'Moely -y'

The Long Mountain on the southern side.

Pampas Grass swishing in the wind, in our neighbour's garden

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Then the trot back home, down the Mill Bank.

'How much for all that?'
 'Nothing - it was all for free.'

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Time Slips Away

I've been to a funeral today. I'd known her for over 20 years. She was such a lovely lady - a real character, a zest for life. She was the same age as I am. There must have been around 400 people there, so they obviously all thought the same as me. I think that it was one of the most poignant, moving service I've attended and I'm so glad I went. At the end of it, the 'Sunset Poem' by Dylan Thomas was read out and the above song was played during the Commendation. When she was in hospital going through a dodgy time a couple of years ago her husband used to play it as he travelled to Stoke to see her. She got better. She was a walking miracle ..... everybody said. I saw her a couple of weeks ago in the supermarket.

RIP Dot - it was a privilege knowing you. You were a beautiful life.