Sunday, 22 March 2015

Total Eclipse

On Friday 20th March, early morning, the sun shone to dazzling. By 9 am here it started to get darker and the shadows longer. By 9.30 am the birds stopped singing, the sheep stood rock still in the field over the way and I had to switch the light on. For a little while, the eerie silence of it all almost overwhelmed me and then a little while later, the sun came back, the birds sang and everything was OK again.

I love this song. Thank you for letting me share it with you. Have a good week.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A good day for planting potatoes

Yep, John and Cro, it's been great here too. Had my trays of new potato seeds chitting (waiting for the green shoots to spurt) on a back windowsill since the beginning of February. According to legend, setting them out in trays like that for about 3 or 4 weeks will (hopefully) bring a crop of freshly dug new potatoes on about a month earlier. We'll see.

Chitted Rocket Potatoes

Forked over a patch of ground where last years leeks had grown. Made a line of green string between two forks and dug a trench a spade  deep all along. A handful of GroMore fert along the row. Hoed it in and then scattered a tub of chicken manure pellets over the soil, hoeing that in as well.

Spaced each potato about a foot apart from each other and planted them, green eye up.

Marked the rows with bamboo canes, raked over and job done. Peter Rabbit polished off nearly all my cauliflowers early on. I covered up the cabbages with  garden fleece. He didn't like that and left them alone, so hopefully, still might get a few spring greens yet.

Blue sky and sunshine all day. The cherry blossom's really come out today. it's lovely.

My hellebore's out.

And the miniature daffies are out in the front border.

A few weeks ago I bought quite a few packets of end of season bargain bulbs from Coedy. They were only 20p each, far too cheap to leave there. Anyway, they seem to be growing OK. I covered them with wire baskets to stop the pesky cats digging them up which they did without fail practically every morning. They've not yet figured how to get around that one. Molly 1 - Cats 0.

'Would we ever?'
Have a good week.