Monday, 24 September 2012

Fruity Mistfulness of September 24th 2012

It rained all night. The brook at the bottom of the single track road from our house was flooded again. A blocked drain higher up the track sent a tide of muddy brown water and stones hurtling down towards the Pwllbuchan Brook, cutting the ravine in the road a little bit deeper and a little bit wider. A raging torrent grey foam, mud and shale, spat water on to the road where brash and broken branches had blocked the tunnels of the little bridge on the corner. The last time it flooded like this was at the end of April.
Flood April 20012
We had to go out. My Other Half had a hospital appointment in the afternoon. He'd been to Welshpool earlier in the morning only to find the road flooded when he came back. He parked the Astra (his car with  bits of straw, spare battery, jump leads and half a lawnmower in the back) in the layby halfway up the Mill Bank and waded  back through to the house, soaked to the skin. We hung on as long as we could and then decided to chance it. He had waders, I had my black wellies. He hit upon the bright idea of me putting my feet in a couple of dustbin bags inside my wellies and pulling them up wader style as I paddled. It sort of worked until I had to hold the bag of dry clothes I was carrying up higher and the refuse bags succumbed to the water filling both my wellies to overflowing. We made it across the stream to our neighbour's field, climbed over the gate and chugged on up the hill. I changed into a dry pair of jeans, socks and shoes by the hedge. The sheep didn't care anyway and by that time, neither did I. We had to pick his medication up from the surgery on the way.

.When we got there, we found a notice pinned to the door - DUE TO ILLNESS WE HAVE NO DOCTOR THIS MORNING. Ah well! Picked up the prescription. Flood on road to Shrewsbury and had to make a detour down a windy road round the middle of nowhere. This idiot road hog inconsiderate driver passed us, driving about 30 miles an hour through flood water spraying it up like a jet ski . Unfortunately O/H had the car window down as he drove by and we were soaked. We did get to the hospital on time and he did have his blood test. AND the water had gone down just enough to drive through when we got home. The thought of wet clothes and wading through icy sewage-y water twice in the day was not something I relished. Thank you God.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Veggies out of the poly-tunnel and garden
Today I've been doing what I like doing best - working in the poly-tunnel and picking and digging. The wet, cold weather earlier in the year has made everything late. A couple of the apple trees are loaded, the rest of them have hardly got a leaf between them, let alone any fruit.  I've not seen any wasps buzzing around either, perhaps the blossom didn't get pollinated this year and the buds just dropped off - I don't know.  The first  sowing of runner beans outside was a complete disaster. They either rotted in the ground or the slugs polished them off just as they came through. I sowed a second lot of beans in June and they're just coming into their own. Bagged a few for the freezer. The tomatoes are ripening at long last. I saved some seed from a beefsteak plant last year and pretty near every one of them germinated so I've got loads of great big funny shaped tomatoes, but they don't half taste great. And they didn't cost anything.  I tried growing some Kohl Rabbi this year too. Never eaten Kohl Rabbi, so will cook some for dinner tomorrow. The slugs obviously like it - they've bitten a smiley face all along the bottom - durr.

There's an artichoke growing in the front border.

I wish I could have had a slow motion video camera to watch it opening.

The electric blue flower today is gorgeous.

I took this picture today. Compare it with the header - same hill, same trees, same hedges, same fields - that was last week, but it can't ever be the same because now everything's moved on.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Some You Win, Some You Lose

My Other Half went to a farm sale yesterday. He scratched his head and found that he had bought twenty economy size, galvanize chicken feeders and an assortment of poultry water troughs. WE HAVEN'T GOT ANY CHICKENS.
Ever been had?