Saturday, 16 February 2013

To Whom It May Concern


Don't know why, but this song, keeps running through my head. Perhaps I do. Last Thursday - Valentine's Day, O/H had another hospital appointment. The good news is - he's doing OK, no, he's doing more than OK - he's doing brilliant. Anyway after we'd seen the Doc, we decided to go into Shrewsbury for a meander in the sunshine. First stop, we called in Wilkinsons, which is up over the Frankwell Foot Bridge and then down into the Riverside Shopping Centre. The first little bit of Spring weather and I'm in 'gardening' and 'painting' mode. Filled up my shopping basket and then wondered how I was going to carry it all back to the car. I asked a nearby  shop assistant if I could borrow one of their trolleys. She was so helpful. She cleared it with her supervisor and then when I'd been through the checkout, she took the trolley and wheeled it all the way to our car for us and then carted the empty cart back. So - to 'Shirley' (name on her badge) Shop Assistant - this is for you.
We don't usually buy each other cards and presents and that sort of thing, but on this day O/H treated me to a pub lunch. The meal and the service were superb, no wonder the place was crowded up to the hilt. But we still managed to find a neat little table. So to all the staff at The Bull Inn, Butchers Row - this is for you too.
I don't know about you - but I really do appreciate good service - WE'LL BE BACK.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Silence Please

Just had a sneak peek at what O/H was watching on his computer. It made me laugh. MAD AS A BOX OF FROGS