Saturday, 29 December 2012

More Floods

The wind was fairly rattling through the rafters during the night. Rain hurtling against the window panes. As if we needed any more. Being Saturday, we didn't have to go out today except for stocking up on milk and bread and that was looking less and less like an option. A lone builder drove up the single track road early morning to put a few finishing touches to the barn conversion next door (and looked like he might be stopping the night) Less than an hour and the water was swirling and raging so you could hardly distinguish brook from road.

But with a little bit of help from his friends and a bit of a poke at the drains, it went down just enough for him to creep his vehicle through the middle of the road. I was holding my breath in case the car conked out half way through and he got stuck right in the centre. He was only wearing a light top, jogging bottoms and trainers. The joys of country living :(

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Heavy Rain

The weather forecast is not too good for tomorrow and Thursday - black exclamation mark in the middle of a little yellow triangle and all that. We have to go out. Nine down and twenty eight to go. We yanked a dozen or so branches and bits of trees out of the brook on Sunday to try to stop them getting jammed in the tunnels of the bridge - the water was just about level with the road we have to travel. Fingers crossed it won't be flooded tomorrow and Thursday. Whoever you are that's doing that rain dance, please can you stop now, we've had enough. Love Molly xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On This Day, 12th of the 12th of the 12th

Just got back and been starting to catch up with my fav blog posts Delores over at 'Feathered Nest' mentioned today's date. Actually I did read a bit about it in today's paper and took a few pictures of my day today starting at 12 minutes past 12 and through the day.  Everything was white over this morning. By 12 o clock the freezing fog was just starting to lift. so this is how my day was :-

This pic was taken at 12 minutes past 12

And this one

The trees and the hedges along the main road were all covered in hoar frost. In the half light they looked really beautiful.

Spider's Web on the holly tree 12 minutes past 12 on 12th December 2012

The floral display at the entrance of the Outpatients
Because one of the scanners in the Radiotherapy Dept was being serviced, the appointments for this afternoon had been moved to the evening. This meant O/H's appointment was put back until 6.35pm. We started out at 3.30pm in order to travel in the light. Fog and ice are not a good combination although it had started to lift quite a bit  by then.

Knit one

Purl one

And then, tucked in the corner of L2 waiting room, someone had knitted a nativity scene. These crafty people are so clever in what they can do. Meeting up with the other patients being treated too was good. You do seem to form a camaraderie between you as you meet up each day  sitting around in the waiting room. The support from each other is amazing.
When we came out, ice was glistening on the pavements but the fog had completely gone. Yes, for me, it is starting to feel like Christmas after all.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

One Sad Christmas

Scotch on the Rocks

One Christmas when we lived at our other house at Bayston Hill, Other Half walked all the way down to the pub. Walked all the way back with a bottle of whisky. Got to our front door and then dropped it.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Learning As I Go

In August 2011 I posted my first video on You Tube.  I was outside in the garden, when I noticed a minute little snail climbing up an aquilegia leaf. For those of us with too much time on our hands, I grabbed my camera and just watched him go. He was amazing. The wind blew, but he kept going. One strong gust and he fell off. Well let's face it, not everyone lives happily ever after do they?
I have been playing around tonight, doing a bit of editing and putting it to music. I fell off a few times, but it's getting there. Not only that, I've done a bit of online shopping and SORNED (Statutory Off Road Notification) the old banger parked up the yard without having to move out of my comfortable chair.
Loving all this technology. It's good here ...... I want to learn more.