Saturday, 8 October 2011

Reflections and Shadows

Low sun and long shadows of the front garden gate.
After doing two hours penance this morning, clearing up more brash at the Mill (safety glasses firmly in place I might add) I spent the afternoon  digging  the front borders and planting bulbs, and primroses and pansies. Not much to show for my efforts but come the Spring ........

A quick trip into Welshpool for a few odds and ends and a time-out walk along the canal. I like my time-outs.

The sky was starting to grey over, but at least it was still dry. Not many folks around this time of the day.
Everywhere looks docile and sleepy.

Including the swans.
A little while back, someone was out walking their dog along the tow path. The dog yapped and yelped like they do sometimes. The male swan attacked it and dragged it into the water and the poor little mite was drowned. Beautiful as they are they can be lethal too.

And the ducks. Most of them were curled up on the embankment. What would these three be saying in duck language d'you think? '.....Cam on, 'urry up, chop chop ....'

'........Ready, Steady ........Goooooooo'
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  1. Beautiful shots Molly. I love the duckies. Hope your eye is better.

  2. Terrifying story about the attack swan. I try and give a wide berth to such huge, powerful birds.

  3. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. Hi Molly,

    The shadow picture of the gate is one of your best ever!! However, I might think that of your next one also. You have such a talent in photography.

    Like you, I just bought my pansies to plant. After getting rid of or cutting down my summer plants, it is nice to see a neat fall garden.

    Wow, killer swan, I never read anything like that in nursery rhymes. It may be better to stay an nice ugly duckling than become a mean, beautiful swan.

  5. Lovely captures, Molly! Beautiful shadow shots and I love the swans and ducks!! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


  6. Often I complain about overcast days when I'm trying to take photos, yet the photos usually turn out to be intriguing and mysterious--as are yours taken along the canal. Lovely!


    Shadows like horses, shadow likes chicks,
    Shadows like houses built with red bricks;

    Shadows much taller than a high wall—
    No matter their shape, I love them all!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tortured Shadows and Twisted Shadows

  7. Hey Molly, lovely photos,I find grey, overcast day s can have a beauty all their own.
    Love the gate shadow too..........

    Killer swan, I was sure it was going to be the other way round. Like geese they are large creatures best viewed from a respectable distance.

    Sounds like your Spring garden is going to be lovely and colorful and I think the safety glasses are a very good idea..........
    It's a wet ☂ Sunday morning here, think I might have a bit of a lie in, with some crochet, a good book and a coffee, lol........
    Hubby and son are away so why not eh?

    Claire :}

  8. Lovely photos as usual, Molly, I particularly like the one of the canal. Hadn't realised Welshpool had a canal. Must look it up.

  9. That gate and flagstone path look wonderful. One can imagine it leading to an equally wonderful home. Have you visited the 'mere' at Ellesmere? Plenty of dog killing swans etc there too!

  10. Nice set of pictures that let us feel we went walking with you. My daughter used to love Swan Lake, and went through a period where she wanted to watch swan videos on Youtube. That's when I found out how evil they were, lol. They really are territorial, and just mean, mean. When Julia wanted to climb over the fence to get close to some at a local park, I reminded her of the videos.

  11. time outs are nice...looks like you spent it well!!! great series of photos!!

  12. A very nice shadows and reflections. I really like the barn one.

  13. mol
    can you email me

  14. Beautiful shadow captures!

    Late visiting for shadow shot, please visit my entry when you get a chance. Have a good week ahead!

  15. Nice series of shots, lovely shadows. Awful thing about the little dog, I have heard that swans can be aggresive. I am always a little apprehensive when I see them.

  16. Hi Molly - love that header pic and your shadows and reflections - I am having trouble with blogger - it won,t let me post comments - hope this one works - Janex

  17. Molly I am struggling to get near to the computer just now, so lovely to catch up with you. Your border looks so much better than mine, infact I must get on and pull out all of the old bedraggled bits and do some digging here!! Eek how awful that the little dog got attacked and drowned, its poor owner. We have a lot of swans on the Lochs here and I always warn the children to stay well clear.

  18. Hi Molly, I took a hiatus from blogging and it felt really good, but I did miss visiting with my friends. I love your shots here, especially the reflections, but learning of the little doggie's demise makes me sad. I guess that goes to show one ought not to yap at a swan. I look forward to seeing the results of your garden labors come spring! happy day to you Molly. and your new header photo is lovely.