Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mist Over Molly

 We've had rain and Moel-y shrouded in mist for most of the day.

Grey swirling water in the brook down at the mill .......... ccccold

Wet leaves and puddles

But doesn't everything look fresher and brighter when it all stops for a while. I love the garden after the rain.

Early closing - it'll be darker still earlier  after Saturday

What's your weather been like today?


  1. We've been having really cold nights and sunny warm-ish days...I'm told that's why we are having the best fall colours on the trees this rare for the West Coast to have such golden/red colours ... we're really blessed.
    Stay dry Molly!

  2. cccccccccold! Rain all week, when it stopped, temperatures dropped! Yikes...a reminder that I live in the great white north!
    things are looking up for the weekend...certainly hope so. I've pulled out all the wool, cashmere, down, that we own! windows still open in the bedroom, but matelasse on top of the duvet!!
    Love your new photo Miss Molly!

  3. Oh it does all look lovely but autumn has obviously arrived. We have had a couple of lovely warm days and spring is showing its new green leaves.

  4. Looks very cool colourful now that Autumn has arrived. We have had lovely Spring weather, with the first of the Strawberries now out.

    Summer is on it's way..

  5. We had a little rain last night, but I've just been outside to empty the dog (6.15 am) and it's quite warm with a clear sky. That's how it SHOULD be!

  6. hey Molly, what beautiful photos and yes, the garden after rain is a beautiful sight ..........refreshed.
    I also love the smell of rain on the warm earth.

    It's been overcast here today, we may get a drop of rain, but generally Spring has been beautiful.

    Have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather,

    Claire :}

  7. The Tor looked like that all day yesterday.
    I do like the new blog header pic, too.

  8. Much the same here Molly but the scenery was no where near as beautiful!

  9. Yes rain all day yesterday but today is lovely and sunny!

  10. I love the garden after a rain. and I love rain too. the video of the swirling waters is fun to watch. our weather today is sunny and mild, with temps in the 50's after getting into the 30's last night. but as I look out on my raised beds it looks like we once again escaped a first frost - the last tomatoes are still clinging to the vines that look unscathed. happy weekend to you Molly.

  11. Molly the shot of the wet road is very pretty. It is just now starting to rain and it is much needed. It will be colder in the morning but that is fine.

  12. Molly - what a welcome sound the falling rain - and that swirling brook - we need so much rain down here at the moment - my poor cherry tree is gasping xx