Friday, 22 July 2011

When Dave met Jilly

A few blog posts back John was enquiring about the identity of Dave - The follow up comments were brilliantly funny. Thanks folks! Apparently Dave now has a new friend called Jilly
Jilly makes a comment on your post and then when you click a response, there she is trying to sell to the unsuspecting!

About fifteen years ago we went on holiday to Majorca. We were ambling along the main drag like you do when you're on holiday, when this youth struck up a conversation.
'How ya doing?'
'We're OK!'
'Enjoying your holiday?'
'Yes it's good.'
'I'm working over here until September - need to raise some money for when I go back to uni.' (grimaces)
'I've got this job inviting people to look over some new time share apartments. They're doing a presentation there today. Would you like to go and have a look? There's absolutely no obligation. No catch, honest! Well yeah, I do get a bit of commission for introducing you.'
With that he hailed a taxi and he did seem a nice hard working sort of a lad.
We found ourselves in strange territory and were escorted into the reception room of a sort of hotel. The over friendly receptionist asked us to wait a moment while she got us a drink and then would take all our details! Ah!! The seconds we were by ourselves my Other Half elbowed me and whispered, ' Quick. lets get out of here!' We bolted through a side entrance like rabbits down a rabbit hole! Not a clue where we were, we got out to the road and caught the nearest service bus wherever it happened to be going As luck happened it was actually going back the way we'd come!

Six years ago we went back on another holiday to Palma Nova in Majorca. We were approached by a young man in sunglasses - ' How would you like to win a bottle of wine? Are you a home owner blah, blah blah.'
The answer was 'No, definitely not!'
We watched as he and his blond pony tailed girlfriend targeted the obvious like us., They hailed a taxi and we watched the occupants disappear out of sight. Looks familiar! Not long before a stern faced policia el guardia arrived. He didn't seem to want to win a bottle of wine either and no amount of smiling and gesturing seem to sway him. The sunglasses hid the 'Oh Sh*t! expression in their eyes and then they disappeared out of sight as they went for a ride in a Policia taxi!


  1. Beware the Daves and Jillies of this world.

  2. Time-share salesmen are a total pain, but probably not as much as time-share ownership. Again; beware!

  3. hah! I went to check for Dave in my followers but didn't find him. perhaps I've escaped his reach. hope so. I think I may have encountered Jill though. when I clicked on a person's name a few weeks back I was surprised to be taken to not a blog but advertisement site. didn't think anything of it at the time. I just backed out of there and forgot about it. thanks for the heads up Molly. hope you're having a great weekend.

  4. How many of us have been captured by these "got a deal - just for you" characteres. A friend of mine took advantage of them though and went on quite a few 3 day vacations and felt listening to them for 90 minutes was worth the free room and at least one dinner. She only bought one timeshare (Disney World), but went on at least 10 free trips. She figured out the system and how to beat it.

    I have only received one salesman on blogger and I put him into spam.

  5. Oh yes, our holiday was spoiled one year by constant harrassment from time share sellers. We wised up in the end, when they asked if we were English, we just looked blank and they moved off, but others were quite aggressive.

  6. Hi Molly - love your veg pics and the lawnmowers in your last blog -those lawnmowers pop up everywhere!- just catching up with the blogging my pc has been poorly!
    We had a similar experience of touters for time share in marjorca a couple of years back- they can be a real pain in the xxx - take care xx Jane

  7. Yes, we've had that problem whilst on holiday too Molly. We would take a 20 minute detour just to avoid them. They are so persistent. Thank heavens I haven't come across Dave or Jilly yet.