Tuesday, 19 July 2011


When there's more week at the end of your money, what do you do with yourself all day?
Because of where we live and what we do, I often find myself in solitary confinement so to speak! Sometimes (not that there's anything wrong with that), but sometimes I wonder what city life would be like. Perhaps you just swap one loneliness for another! I was touched by John's latest post It's tough when friends have to leave!
My family and friends are my world! I think I started getting interested in gardening to fill a void. It was exciting when things actually started to grow. It's hard to feel down when when you're scrabbling around in the soil and you can see where you've been. Anyway here's a quick tour of what I've been up to today

I've been planting marrows up hoops. I planted a couple of asparagus corms I bought for 10p at an end of sale, passed their sell-by (tell me about it :( They grew :0) And a piece of root ginger I bought from the supermarket last year - it grew !!



...... and cucumbers

..... and lawnmowers - but that's the other department!


  1. Your garden is beautiful and so productive. You most defintely have a green thumb.

  2. I really enjoy this weeks pictures. all the plants look so happy and contented. I almost find myself thinking of ways to use them up.oxoxoxo

  3. I love all the different shades of green in the first photo, and I don't know why but I can imagine it being used as a setting for a children's TV programme!

  4. oh Molly you make me laugh. what is the striped thingy hanging from the vine in the first shot? your garden is way more advanced than my own. but I do have blossoms on my tomato plants now, thought they're only about 2 feet tall. plenty of summer left yet though, and these are the hottest of days. my beans are flowering too. you have some really nice beets there. what will you do with them? I like them cooked, then sliced with butter and salt. and when I had a large garden I pickled them. I've never heard the expression "when there's more week at the end of your money" before, but I'm going to remember that one, because it does happen! always a pleasure Molly. I hope you're having a fun week. don't work too hard in your garden.

  5. My Toms are still only just starting. Do you grow Butternut Squash Molly? This year ours have gone crazy. I'm very envious of your poly tunnel... I think we'll have to get one.

  6. Molly - your garden looks wonderful and those beetroot just great. All that hard work is paying off.

  7. Molly had a garden,
    And she tended it with care.
    She took a can ....and watered it,
    Each slug and snail....she slaughtered it;
    There were no blackfly there.

    You see,

    You’ve never finished working in a garden,
    Until ’tis time for you to go to bed.
    You’re either squirting soapsuds on the Broad beans,
    Or picking out the lettuce that are dead.

    All looking very, very tasty. :)

  8. There's a friend of mine up at the plot Molly, name of Colin, who also has a huge collection of mowers which he buys for a tenner every week from the local tip.

    Looks like you have the same magpie tendencies when it comes to garden machinery...

    PS City life is awful!

  9. Thanks for your comments.
    Becky - the stripey thing is a type of squash - marrow. The taste is a bit bland, but they are quite nice roasted and stuffed with herbs and sausagemeat.
    Cro - no. I'm not that keen on squashes and marrows. Actually I've never tasted butter nut squash.
    Bernard - we loved your verse! lol. Any chance of putting it to music?
    Chris - hand on heart - I do not own one mower -
    that department is definitely not mine!

  10. There you are Molly! Is this a new blog - I wondered why I had trouble accessing you.

    You really do have green fingers - everything grows so well for you.