Friday, 29 July 2011

Blog Block

Maybe it's  the time of year or is anyone else having a touch of blogging fatigue! I like blogging. I like reading all your blogs out there. I started my first blog in 2009, but the things I did last year and the year before, I'm doing again this year.  How do you keep your blog posts sparkling and riveting? They're good, they are!

Conversation with Dearly Beloved tonight.
'You haven't put anything up since July 24th'.
'I never had any visitors today'.
'Not surprised - it's boring!'
'I'm going to bed. Goodnight!'


  1. I remember that folks used to have it. They just went into convulsions of laughter listening to it. Now it's starting to sound like my life. I'll bet you remember "This Old House" too.

  2. I don't think there's any blogger who doesn't hit a dry patch occasionally.
    What helps me is looking at everyday stuff through different eyes, change my attitude, look at the detail.

    You wouldn't want my life, it's totally predictable and sameish (there's a reason for that) and I often find that I have absolutely nothing to say which could be of any interest to anybody.

    And then I look at it again, more closely . . .

  3. Molly, I just love looking at your blog - the shots of your garden or your surrounding towns. You get out and do so much more than me and we're all waiting to see your new kitchen cabinetry.

  4. Molly, every time I post I think to myself who on earth is going to want to read this. Nothing interesting happens in my life, I tend to live in the past way too much and my opinions on life are so outdated. I just do it for myself. I'm having a conversation with myself and when someone else reads it and comments I feel so grateful. Don't stop posting....even if it is just a dear old song or a photo of something you love....we all want to know about it.

  5. Molly, last year I traveled over three states taking photos for my blog of pictures of churches and barns and such but this year I have just been tired so I definitely relate to how you are feeling. I seem to walk around the garden and take flowers pics and that's about it or something in the house and really I am tired of all that. I need to get in my Mini and take a trip but I cannot seem to go.............

  6. I think most bloggers loose inspiration now and then. I know I've gone through some tough times when it was really hard do a post each day. one thing that kept me going was my photo-a-day project. and the memes I participate in - most every day. I enjoy visiting your blog, you always have some of the most wonderful shadow shots! and we live an ocean apart, so whatever you post about, I'm interested! I hope you have a joyful weekend Molly.

  7. Molly (I chose your blog to read because of your beautiful name)
    It looks like you are just one of us. Blog fatigue, life fatigue. We all live simple lives, but our thoughts can be meaningful and interesting to others. We are writing diaries of our times and we are connecting with one another across miles and continents. I look forward to your beautiful pictures and sweet words (very well written) and enjoy your comments so much.

    I know how you feel as I have been in a labyrinth of uncertainty lately. I do not know how some can come up with thoughts so quickly and often, while I am searching for the smallest of words. Hang in there Molly, you have so many who look forward to seeing Some Other Mountain as often as we can.

  8. Blogging is part social history, and part ego. If Samuel Pepys were alive today, he would probably blog. What may be mundane to you Molly, is often fascinating to us. Your pictures of rural roads, visits to the county show, and your descriptions of Welsh life, are why we come back time and time again. Stay by your keyboard!!

    That old record brought back memories.

  9. I think I said a similar thing a while back about visiting and doing the same blog topics as the previous year.
    Someone said "Ah, but the people reading your blog today were maybe not followers/readers twelve months ago."
    "It will be new to them."

  10. Molly I always feel my blog is boring but it is just a little diary and i so enjoy yours. When I write from the heart and no comments appear I think Gawd!! they think I am loopy!
    Anyhow I hope you keep on blogging for all time otherwise I for one will be disappointed.

  11. I love your comments - wise words -thank you so much. I'm back up there again now. :0)

  12. Bernard - I was probably thinking about your blog post when I posted that last night! I suppose we all hit the deck from time to time. I think if everything else was taken away, the mere fact of writing something and being in contact with people you like and them liking you too is a great antidote to a touch of the lows.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  13. Molly, we do think alike! Only, you're much better at visiting blogs than I am. I love your new picture, and need to get on the ball with seeing when you have a new post up. Love the song. Old records are the best. That crackly sound is heaven to me.

  14. Molly, your blogs are never boring! Keep going...

  15. Hi Molly - yuor blogs couldn't be dull ever - I always have a smile - hey your pics are good too - the blackberries aren't ripe round here yet - least not the last time I looked - bye Jane xxx