Sunday, 24 July 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

We've had a week of windy, grey, wet weather, but today the sun is shining it is, it is!

Shadows of a rickety wrought iron gate.

Shadows of Crocosmia and Virginia Creeper on the wall.

Shadows on the washing basket - the washing will soon be dry!

It's so hot and I feel so lazy.

Have a cool Sunday!


  1. Love the gate shot and what a cool mannequin.

  2. Hi Molly, I feel like that dog in the last picture. It is so hot here, it is hard to move.

  3. Oh yes, Summer's returned!

    I really like the washing basket photo.

  4. Very nice shots, especially I like the last two.


  5. Great shadow shots - glad you are getting some sun! By the way, your header is stunning.

  6. there's something I love about every one of your photos. the scrollie patterns from the gate are whimsical and fun. and the bright light with the delicious red in the second photo is a real keeper. and wash basket, well, how could that not put a smile on anyone's face? I LOVE it! wash day shadow. love the doggie too. have a wonderful week Molly!

  7. Hi Molly the first pic of the gate made me smile as it is the same as our side gate,all your pics are lovely,we are still in winter here but the English rain came to visit a month ago and is still here.Have a lovely cool evening.

  8. It's been very nice today, hasn't it. Let's hope for a bit of summer.

    So glad to see, that you escaped the Time Share mafia, we did too.
    They used to ask your age too and we always said we were pensioners. They're not interested in you then.

  9. Such lovely shadow shots Molly. You even made the laundry basket look beautiful!

    Kat :)

  10. Super shadow shots this week. We are actually waiting for SNOW on the KAIMAIS. This happens so rarely. Have all the cameras batteries fully charged.Then we will be away snapping.

  11. I now call crocosmia - "Croccosmia", if you see what I mean.
    But my parents always referred to it as Monbretia.
    An old fashioned country name I guess.

  12. Sorry - tooooo many cccccccc's :(

  13. Love all your comments, thank you for taking time!
    Friko - at first when we started to go abroad on holiday, we were so totally green! You live and learn don't you!!

    Ange - snow!! Almost forgotten what that was. Hope you're both keeping well!

    Bernard - yes we used to call it Montbretia too. That one species is called 'Lucifer' I love the vibrant red hot colours of it!

  14. I could have done with a sleep in the shade yesterday!!!

  15. Molly, Love all the photos including the new one of you. Thought I had posted a comment yesterday but it must have disappeared.

    I wonder if Helenah did have snow on the Kaimais. We don't have snow but it is cold. I have both the pot belly stove and the woodfire lit.

  16. John - you deserve it! Like good old Brucie says - 'Didn't they do well' And you did to - all of you!

    Sue - the photo is up to date - as in today (lol)
    I look as if I've got one fat arm, but that was from the way it was taken. Helenah lives a bit further up from you (next door to my cousin!) Keep warm!

  17. Hi Molly

    lovely pic of you - I have only just found it - shadow shots of your gate and laundry basket look good - enjoy your week xx my Lucifer is out too - such bright colours