Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Going Bananas

Banana Cake
We've got 3 leftover ripe bananas in the fruit bowl so I made this cake today:~

100 grms (4oz) soft margarine
100 grms (4oz) sugar
150 grms (6oz) self raising flour
tsp cinnamon
tsp mixed spice
1 ripe banana
2 medium eggs
100 grms (4oz) sultanas
7 chopped glace cherries

Set the oven temperature moderately hot to about 180 degrees Celsius
Mix together margarine and sugar
Add the mashed banana and mix well
Add eggs and beat well
Sieve flour and spices and fold in to the mixture
Add sultanas and glace cherries
Spoon mixture into a 1lb loaf tin
Bake for about an hour - test the cake by inserting the sharp point of a knife through the centre. If the knife comes out clean - it's done.,

Allow it to cool and enjoy ~ ~


  1. Mmmmmm...I can smell it now.

  2. My nephew can hear banana bread baking a mile away and come through the door concurrent with the opening of the oven door.

  3. I had to look up sultanus and saw that I could use raisins instead. I will definitely make this as I love to bake and there are always bananas in my house. Thanks, Molly, sweet things get me through the winter.

  4. Sugar is my enemy, but needs to be my friend. I did have a slice of Lady Magnon's Tarte Tatin last night, but I felt very guilty,

  5. I love banana cake! I'm making one this coming weekend. My recipe is different though, it uses all three bananas and there's yoghurt involved.

  6. I love everything with bananas and this recipe sounds scrumptious!!

  7. This looks and sounds delicious! YUMMY!!!

  8. Looks yummy. I love the idea of putting tart cherries on top.

  9. I’ve just copied the recipe into my cake file. I can eat this cake.
    There’s no milk product in it. Thanks very much.

  10. Mmm, sounds like a good recipe for that last ripe banana.

  11. Sounds yummy Molly!
    Love bananas and I think your recipe is very easy, will try!

  12. The art is lovely. Makes you want to hop in and push off and be out on the sea in the open air.

    Hope hubs feels better soon.