Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Red Admiral

Been having a pot clearing day today, when I noticed this little beauty in the bottom of one of them. It was a bit sleepy still in semi hibernation. A few minutes in the sunshine and then I put it back to finish the winter. Aren't the colours an amazing work of art?


  1. I don't believe I have ever seen one of those...gorgeous.

  2. I echo that above comment Molly. He is gorgeous.

  3. We don't have any butterflies like that. Ours seem so plain after seeing yours. Lucky you to have such a beautiful species.

  4. So beautiful Molly...just catching up on your posts...been a little distracted of late!

  5. I've never seen such a beautiful butterfly Molly! Truly lovely!

    Kat :)

  6. What wonderful colours Molly. I don't remember bright butterflies like that in U.K. when I was a child.

  7. A beautiful fellow. Never seen any like it.

  8. how lovely. All I seem to find under pots, in slugs!

  9. Oh Molly, how beautiful is that?

    What a wonderful find.......

    Claire :}

  10. How beautiful is that - great picture and header too- Jane xx

  11. What a beauty. Showing my woeful ignorance now, I didn't know they could hibernate - what a lovely surprise.

  12. My first butterfly this year, even if it's on your blog, Molly, rather than in my garden. :-) I love red admirals. They look so exotic for the UK. But though we don't have butterflies, we do have frogspawn. :-)

    Love the new header picture.

  13. Dear Molly, thanks for your nice comment on my latest blog post. Yes, we men are all very much the same when it comes to hoarding junk! :)
    As a boy scout, we used to do silly things like identify flowers and butterflies. As soon as I saw your picture I thought "Ah, a Peacock".
    I also thought, (as a gentleman) should I tell you this? I waited for someone else to suggest that your lovely butterfly was indeed a Peacock, not a Red Admiral, but no-one spotted.
    I hope you wont mind me pointing this out but take a peek here -
    and here -
    http://www.ukbutterflies.co.uk/species.php?vernacular_name=red admiral
    Your old 'boy scout' friend.....Bernard xx

    1. Bernard - you're absolutely right. Thanks for that - have just looked up the sites - really interesting. The colouring on the wings is fantastic

  14. It's gorgeous!!! Glad you got a photo!!