Friday, 3 February 2012

Too Good To Last

A glitch of sunshine in the hall
'In the bleak mid winter, and it's not been too bleak', I said. 'Ha!' It was absolutely perishing this morning. The day before yesterday, the sun shone in bright glitches and streamed shadows through the front door windows. It was nice.

This morning's frosted glass
This was one of the windows in the porch as you go into the house.

My plants looking a bit sorry for themselves
 My plants on the window in the utility room, shivering their little heads off.

And outside, the moon at six o clock this evening - half an hour ago. It's interesting on the news about life on the dark side of the moon. What do you reckon on that?

Only one star in the picture, but they're all coming out tonight and I think we're in for minus 10.
What's it like where you are?


  1. Now THAT'S what I call an "indigo sky". Your frost gardens on the windows bring back memories of being a kid and scratching away at the frost on the window.

  2. What news about life on the dark side?

  3. So you're the one Molly! The one who tempeted fate LOL!! ;-)

    Missed the bit about the moon. What was that about?

    I own a bit of the moon you know. Hope it's my plot they're on about.

  4. Tom & Chris

  5. Oh, those frosted windows bring back memories and that sky is amazing. Not really summer weather here - misty rain yesterday and cloudy today with a high forecast of 20 C.

    On the other hand the plants on your windowsill grow outside here all year round. I still find it hard to believe.

  6. happy to say 70 degrees today and I have again strained my back but it was worth it and by march I shall be in shape, that first shot is lovely

  7. I agree with Chris - it looks like you put the kybosh on the weather!

  8. Love your frosted glass picture. It is much more interesting looking than the dark side of the moon.

  9. Wet, humid and soggy after a week of continual rain,our Aussie summer lost somewhere in the universe,however as I can't take the heat I don't mins,(shhh just wished it was still raining today then I could have sewed all day long)O'h well maybe tomorrow lol...lovely post Molly had me shivering!

  10. Love the frosted glass pic Molly and that one star in the evening sky....

    -10 can't imagine that here in Winter.......

    A very pleasant day here, although we did have the air con on for a while.

    Plenty of blue sky and sunshine, wish I could send you some Molly and warm things up a bit.
    Sounds like perfect weather for snuggling down under a rug and staying indoors.

    Claire :}

  11. "Oh! How the white frost this early morn
    Sparkles bright upon the glass,
    And the resplendent sun this fiery dawn
    Lights up the path where our feet pass."

    "This Winter's grip cannot our spirits freeze,
    While such glittering diamonds hang upon the trees."

  12. Love that first pic Molly - of the sun shadows on the green glass - a really nice shot and the frosted glass - brrr!! - I haven't heard about the moon either - off to have a look about it - xx

  13. I hate to say it, but we're the opposite here. Warm and sunny. But then, we don't have gorgeous pictures to post either. I know I always gush, but your pictures are so beautiful. What an eye you have!!!!!

    1. No you don't gush. You're my friend and I like what you write too. xx

  14. Crikey, that does look cold, love the frosted glass.

    Keep warm.

  15. It's cold in Minneapolis!

    And my jade plants look a bit like yours...


  16. beautiful picture Molly! Yea for alittle sun, we've had a wonderful week of it. Our temps. are not as low as yours! brrrr. stay warm!

  17. That is bitter Molly.

    I'm worried about my lovely rosemary and santolina in the dry garden, shook the snow off them - and went back indoors pretty sharpish!

    It's pretty cold here in the east but the sun did come out briefly this afternoon - there are stirrings of a thaw.

    Your frosted window is just beautiful.


  18. It's getting colder!


  19. you have a good eye Mol!
    nice photos but oh so cold

  20. Wow, that is so cold for you guys and I am sure your houses aren;t as well equipped for it as ours are here in Canada. We have had our first real snow today and it is nice to finally have some. Love your frosty window shot!