Saturday, 24 September 2011

Shadow Day Dreamin

I've come to the conclusion that the reason I don't get things done is the fact that I am easily distracted. Are you organised ......I wish Yesterday I was on a bean picking mission down at the Mill. We've actually had runner beans to eat (out of the poly tunnel) since the end of May and then sowed a late row down the Mill about the middle of June. After that much needed shower of rain one night last week, they have come on leaps and bounds. Hence the Friday freezer pick mission. Wasn't it a fantastic day weather wise . Of course, I had to stop in the middle of it like I do and watch in awe, a bumble bee doing his rounds. I don't know why but these fantastic little insects fascinate me. They never stop do they.

Runner beans all picked and a bit of a meander down to edge of the field. Lean on the gate and watch the world stand still. I couldn't help but  think that this is what I want of my life and the best bit of all is now.

A walk back along the edge of the stream then take my haul back home.

'What shall we have for dinner tonight?'
'How about some runner beans for a change.'
'Oh please no!'
Have a good weekend


  1. the best bit of it all IS now molly. and in the next moment...that will be the best!! love your post!!

  2. I do so agree with sarayutouched -- live in the moment! Marvelous post for the day, Molly! Enjoy!


  3. Oh, just eat the runner beans and be thankful! :-)


    Shadow bold and shadow bright,
    Shadow with me day and night,
    Shadow taller than a tree,
    Tell me what you think of me!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Desert shadows here and here

  4. Molly that was lovely and the same happens to me ..but..yesterday I woke up in the morning determined to get the spring cleaning done...come 5pm everything sprinkling after the fire dust washed away,fresh everything around and last i finished what i started lovely to wake up this morning and find it was not a dream!

  5. Molly - wonderful photos as always. Oh how I would love a plate of runner beans right now.

    Reminds me that I must get some beans in the ground or there will be none later on.

  6. Runner beans - the taste of the summer.

  7. Great post, love your shadow shot. Nice to have fresh runner beans, I can hardly wait for summer to be here in New Zealand.

  8. Beautiful shadow shots.

    My shadow post,your comment will be highly appreciated.

  9. Lucky you. Our beans finished about a month ago. I suppose I'm just badly organised. I haven't eaten any actual 'runners' for years.

  10. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  11. Do you know I had never heard of runner beans until I moved 'down south'.
    Back home we called them 'Kidney beans' or some people referred to them as 'Stick beans' or even awful 'String beans'. (if they were stringy.)
    Dad also grew 'dwarf beans' but these we called 'French beans'.
    Funny old world.
    Cheers.....Bernard (the old bean!)

  12. Beautiful again. I love the bumble bee on the flower. But too bad summer is leaving us . . . it sure was nice!

  13. Sounds like you had a glorious day. Live in the moment and enjoy all things small and wonderous.

    Love your new header picture. Made me feel good just looking at it.

  14. It's been a busy summer, Molly so I'm catching up with my favorite blogs. You are such a productive gal bean picking and all. I admire that!
    Your shadow shot is my favorite...a true little bit of YOU!! :-)

  15. Nowt wrong with runner beans Molly - specially when you are a veggie - we have a freezer full of em! Jane x

  16. All my runners are finished (and remnants are stringy) and I never managed to freeze one this year.

    I'm now on a Borlotti picking mission.

    Farting my way through October...

  17. Thanks so much for your comments all.
    Cro - Your garden at haddocks looks fantastic. Do you grow French beans?
    Bernard - we used to call them Kidney Beans as well
    Amy - I like bumble bees too.
    Chris - Not quite sure what Borlotti is - will have to look it up on Google. Sounds a bit eggy.

  18. That shadow shot looks a little Jane Marple ish.

  19. I wouldn't call it being distracted Molly...I think you are relishing every moment of your day.

  20. Dear Molly, that's what life is all about nowadays: stop and stare and marvel at all the things that we missed when daily life was a race to get through.

    Lean on the gate all you want, I do the same.

  21. Molly, we are distracted very easily and get off track at a moments notice. That is why it is taking us two years to get wallpaper off the wall! Last year was the first time I got the little white pumpkins and I cannot have a garden here because the deer eat everything. We had volunteer pumpkins growing but the heat killed them. olive

  22. Such a marvellous red, the runner bean flowers. Great photo Molly.

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