Saturday, 10 September 2011

Farm Sale

Today, lovely, I've had the whole day to myself. Every three months the local auctioneers hold a not-to-be-missed sale of antiquated and otherwise, auction of farm implements, tools, machinery, you name it, on a field just outside Welshpool. We called in yesterday just to have look. Himself spotted a handy bucket that would probably fit the loader on his International so 7.30 am this morning, I waved him off with his flask and his butties and settled down to enjoy the day.


....... and Fergies

 As the sale progressed Other Half got talking to a thirty-something young woman with her little daughter. (Not the one in the picture)  Thirty-something was debating whether to bid or not on a Stihl chainsaw. She asked O/H if he would start it for her. He apologetically declined owing to a bit of a delicate state of health but a couple of robust young farmers stepped in to help. She said that her husband lopped the occasional tree trunk and left it by the door for her to cut bits off it as needed. She decided that the saw was a bit heavy after all and then took off to bid on a sheep cratch ( her hubs was too busy at home). And there was me thinking that I was hard done by!

Other Half didn't manage to buy the bucket he wanted (too dear), but looking on the bright side, he didn't buy this environmentally friendly dryer either. It sold for £30 - somebody's wife will be over the moon! He did come home with a van load of bargains though.  Don't think I want to look!

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  1. Oh, I think you should look at the van load of bargains!


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    Sometimes bright ones, bringing good cheer;

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  2. I just love reading your posts Molly. the way you write is so entertaining! and I agree with MMT, have a look at the van load of bargains. you never know, you just might see something that makes it all worth it. happy day to you Molly.

  3. Look at all those farmers in their rubber boots looking at tractors and pretty girls with dogs. Look in the van Molly...look in the van.....

  4. So what are you really saying Molly. You sound a wee bit annoyed at some things.

    Hope the van has some bargains for you.


  5. What on earth are those weird tyres doing on the second grey Fergie? They should be like the first one!

    Mind you, I'd have bought them both.

  6. Wonderful photos. Hope that van had some wonderful treasures inside and that you are enjoying them.

  7. Have Faith Molly,, Easy for me say!!! Oh, but I sympathise. 0x

  8. "A van load of bargains!"
    I can just imagine it. :)
    I used to be a bit like, that but as I have got older and run out of space, I have stopped buying 'ash-trays for the motorbike!' and 'chocolate teapots' for the wife!
    Only joking - I don't have a wife. (or a motorbike for that matter.)

  9. Beautiful shadow shots!!

    Please come and see my shadows at Nostalgic Marveling, have a blessed Sunday!

  10. Farm sales loved it when you admired the sale of the 'old clothes ringer' and thought of the poor wife, it made me laugh having been in this situation myself. The happy farmer has a collection of old tractors waiting to be done up....

  11. Love all your great comments. Think a look in his van could well be something for another blog. Arleen, truth is we will be coming up to our 46th wedding anniversary next year and in spite of everything still love each other to bits. It's just that what Himself sees as valuables, I view as tat and have on numerous occasions pointed the matter out (nagged on about them) However, have now compromised and have a sign on the garden which says 'Hers' and a sign on the tat which says 'His.'
    Bernard - I love those expressions - 'chocolate teapot' and 'an ashtray for a motorbike' Laughed our heads off. (So true)

  12. Wow Molly - I am glad OH steered clear of that environmentally friendly dryer - or mangle! - best left alone - I am sure he had some bargains in that job lot - I am sure it was well worth a furtle - xx Jane

  13. Hope the OH hasn't littered the garden with a van load of rusting metal, Molly, lol.

    That mangle was a bargain. It'd make a great fruit press!

  14. Yes to both of those comments, Chris. Glad the mangle was somebody else's bargain.
    Like your new photo, hope you're recovering well. Looking forward to your next blog post.

  15. a guy around the corner has a blue tractor JUST like that one cute as a button ( the tractor NOT the guy)

  16. that dryer will make a handsome garden ornament.

    I don't understand, did you go with him instead of staying on your own?

  17. John - the blue tractor seemed to be a big attraction - don't know how much it made

    Friko - I've been to a few of these sales and find them mostly a 'man' thing. I quite enjoy a solitary day now and then just pottering and no cooking to do etc.