Saturday, 17 September 2011


Do you like herbs? I love them. I'd like to say that I've got a dedicated herb garden but not so.  My herb plants are a bit 'please yourself' and grow wherever they have a mind to. The above picture depicts a clump of chive seed heads growing along the outside of the poly tunnel. The sun has been playing a game of hide and seek today. I just managed to capture the brief shadows against the plastic so this is to be my effort for Shadow Shot Sunday. Note to self - must remember to collect the seeds before they fall.

The next one is Borage. I don't know how these arrived in my garden but I suspect they cadged a lift in a packet of 'Cottage Garden Mixture' seeds. This one has made its home in a sandstone trough outside the back door.

There's one growing between the concrete slabs below the trough. Look how it's stretched it's shadow.

Then I've got a clump of parsley growing  amongst the parsnips and marrows in the top tunnel.

And sage at the edge of the path.

There's a little bed of mint just outside the door of the other poly.

And apple mint that's growing anywhere and everywhere.

We have a  gnarled old bay tree in the garden that's stayed put for many a long year.

This is my latest addition - a pot of Basil I bought a few weeks ago for pence from the local supermarket. I potted it up into a bigger pot today. Wonderful for adding to all those tomato recipes. One of these days I WILL have a proper herb garden but in the meantime have a brilliant weekend and a Happy Shadow Shot Sunday xx


  1. lovely summery sequence of shadows...

  2. Such beautiful shadow shots!

    My Shadow, have a wonderful weekend!

  3. MMMM I can smell the mint and the chives and I can taste the bitter of the parsley.

  4. Your herbs all look great. What do you use the chive seeds for? Cooking or to generate yet more chives? Love your new header photo.

  5. I'm sure you have Rosemary too. Welsh Lamb without Rosemary is illegal; isn't it? And then your mint sauce. Lovely.

    We do flat leafed Parsley instead of frizzy, and I also do Lemon Sage and Horseradish. Otherwise exactly the same. I don't plant stuff I don't use.

  6. Lovely shadows from lovely plants. They may be growing where they please, but they all look healthy and seem to be thriving. Nice post!

  7. Lovely photos and your plants are gorgeous. You have inspired me to get my act together and plant some herbs - so pretty and ridiculous to keep buying them from the supermarket. Happy SSS! :)

  8. Hi Molly - I love herbs - and you say it so well when you say they grow where they have a mind to - they always seem to flourish when they have chosen their own space - have a good week xx Jane

  9. Have you heard of the expression 'that where Parsley grows well, a woman wears the trousers' ?
    Lovely looking healthy herbs and I like their randomness.

  10. love the plant shadow between the concrete slabs the most!!

  11. Very pretty. Herbs are so interesting with their scents and variations. They can be spices, or spells.

  12. Thanks so much for your comments.
    Sue, I collect the seeds this time of year in order to grow more plants next year.
    Cro- the one thing I never have any luck with is rosemary. Every plant of it I've bought has pegged out:(
    Heron - O/H is definitely 'The Boss' in our house, well that's what I let him think :0)
    Amy - I just like the smell and to cook with them

  13. I have a so-called herb bed but it's in the shade, so not much good. Other herbs grow in pots, but also pretty much all over the place. I really ought to get them tidied up.

  14. I LOVE that first photo! I also love herbs. but my garden is currently in a serious state of disrepair. one new herb I got this year is a clump of garlic chives. they're flowering at this time and have a lovely white flower. happy day to you Molly.