Monday, 29 August 2011

Onslow Bank Steam Rally

What have you been up to this Bank Holiday? We went to the Steam Rally at Onslow Bank today - just West of Shrewsbury and about ten miles away from where we live. Quite a big one this year - 50th Anniversary. The wind was a bit cold and the sky was a bit overcast but we downed tools early and got there soon after 9.30am. Managed to park up reasonably easy. Come on, I'll take you round.

An old 'International' or a ' Massey Harris' ? , whatever - just look at those spiky metal wheels. They are called 'spade lugs,' (fitted because of the lightness of the tractor and ability to grip the terrain)

And the Fergies - this one had a Ferguson baler attached to the side - there are only eight of these balers world wide.  When Massey Harris took over Ferguson, their own model of baler was superior to this one. Thus this model was discontinued owing the tendency of throwing up massive clouds of dust  when in operation, practically exterminating the unfortunate operators. The one above is apparently the only one left in working order.

Field of corn all cut - these two are adjusting the transport wheels on the straw binder to travel to the next field to be harvested.

This little dog poked her head around the door of a road maker's site caravan. It was so neat with wood stove, kettle boiling, bunk bed. Barriers, picks, forks and road lamps parked outside the door.

There was the 'Posh Pram' parade, the barrel organs, the craft marquee and the fairground merry-go-round.

The beautifully carved polished wooden bowls.

And wooden flowers.

And the time we spent talking to the Master Craftsman.

 Just a perfect day!


  1. Looks like it was a lovely day. Those prams are fabulous, especially the low one with the tiny little wheels.

  2. I love the prams and the ladies dresses. You take such good pictures, Molly.

  3. thanks for taking me with you! this is just the sort of thing that my dad would have loved. Massey Ferguson and all. my favorite is the third one, and the doggie! what an adorable little guy. and I really like that pair of black boots in the second from bottom. lovely shots Molly. I hope you had a fun time, but really, how could you not? and I can't leave without saying that your header photo is just perfect. PERFECT! happy day to you Molly.

  4. Aren't those grey Fergies just wonderful. I would liked to have joined you on your trip.

  5. Nice to see those polished bowls.
    When I was at a 'steam do' a couple of weeks ago, I found a couple of old 'bowl adzes' for sale on a tool stall.
    The price? £45 each! Wow!
    I'm planning a post about it - but I am all behind this year. :(

  6. Molly - those flowers are gorgeous - I bought 3 for my table - I watched the woodturner too - he made it look so easy - Janex

  7. Some of these people go from fair to fair. I love these old country traditions, but I am sure most farmers are glad to have modern machinery.

  8. Looks like a great day, Molly.

    Some of that old farm machinery looks absolutely lethal though.

  9. Thanks all for taking time to comment. The pram parade was quite eye-catching. Nearly missed them as we were dining on beefburgers outside the craft tent when they walked past. I had to chase after them to take that pic. They were very nice though and all stopped to pose.
    Bernard - looking forward to your next blog post. BTW I have posted something for you on You Tube.
    Chris - too true! Elf and Safety would have had a field day - so much of the old tractor belts and pulleys with not a guard in sight. Glad to say, nobody got injured.

  10. I found it Molly. :)
    Thanks - I gave it a 'thumbs up' vote.
    I've not seen that organ before - it's nice to see/hear organs that are not local to this area (where you get to see the same ones at every do).

  11. what a lovely day
    love the old machinery

  12. The wood carving looks superb and I love the posh pram parade!