Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day out at Shrewsbury Flower Show

Here in the outback,  August is the month of  'The Show'   Practically every village hosts it's own local 'Do' .........  Sort of a grand last fling of summer!   John over at has just posted  a brilliant photographic blog post of their local one. So John if you read this - just when you thought it was all over (humble apologies), but here comes another!
I mentioned that our grand daughter was staying with us for her holiday, well yesterday, just the two of us - took ourselves off to Shrewsbury Flower Show. This is an annual event, the show, I mean, but something we don't go to every year - you know how you tend to think - seen it all before - been there done that - same old tents blah, blah blah.  But we had a great day out together! Here are some of the pics I took!
This is the Bee Keeping and Honey Section of the Horticultural Marquee.
You could knock this cool Bee Keepers Suit up for just a pound if you were really industrious.

The bees hard at work. The Queen bee was marked with a white spot. Further across all the beautiful items made out of beeswax. And the best bit of all - a honey tasting table. I took a brilliant picture of grand daughter enjoying the samples but she banned me from posting that one!

Other little bits of the show.

 We tasted all the culinary samples in the food hall and washed it down with Damson Gin and Toffee Vodka - well in truth, only a thimbleful of each. We collected goody bags of magazines and free seeds from the Garden News Stall. We watched the various performances taking place on the village green and chilled out in the Dingle Gardens. So to everybody who puts so much effort into putting together all these shows - Village Hall or Town Event - I just want to say a great big Thank You! You're cool!


  1. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon! I love bees and honey, so I would have been in heaven!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Kat :)

  2. Nice pictures and I'm sure the show was made even better because you had your granddaughter to accompany you.

    I know what you mean about going every year to a flower show; sometimes they seem predictable and the spark is gone. However, if you miss one or two and then go again, the appreciation is back.

  3. I am impressed!
    next time come to ours?

  4. John - I really wanted to come to yours. Perhaps next year - actually we only live about an hour's drive from you - How do you manage to put TWO posts up straight after you've done all that work. I'm so chuffed the show was such a success for you all!

  5. How nice to have your grand daughter to share with.

  6. Should I be worried that the chap wearing the £1 bee suit appears to be, err, very ill?

  7. I was wondering how you enjoyed the show,That winning vegetable display looks so inviting. Lovely for you to have Lisa with you. 0x0x0

  8. John fancies the bloke in the beekeeping suit, Moll.

  9. The cacti display looks fun and that's all I will be growing in the near future if it never rains again.

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun. We just had our fair which has similar displays, but that rose picture is gorgeous. We definitely did not have flowers as pretty as that!

  11. what a fun show to attend Molly - just the sort I love. the small town flower shows are always better than the large urban ones, don't you think? that's a smashing new header image Molly. happy Sunday to you.

  12. I don't think Ms Becky has visited Shrewsbury.

    Many years back I rekindled the 'Horticultural Show' in our Shropshire village of Welshampton... I wonder if it's still going.

    That all looks wonderful.

  13. Thank you for all your great comments! Delores, I am so lucky - She's 16 and I am 60 ++ but we get on so well together!
    Chris I think, he looks like a little version of you - he's cute! Only he does look a tad bit worried now you come to mention it!
    Tom - he fancies John as well!
    Ange - it was great!
    Olive - yes the cactus stand was very good - hope you get some rain soon!
    Amy - it was my favourite rose - the judges must have thought so too because it got first prize.
    Becky - like Cro says - Shrewsbury Flower Show is quite big. Hope you are having a lovely weekend too.
    Cro - I'll check that one out for you - they probably do.

  14. Hi Molly - glad you enjoyed your day out at the show - did you see the silk moths - not far from the bees - we went after work on Friday and again on the Saturday - love to all Jane xx

  15. You will be in collage heaven now Molly!

    Great Show by the looks of it, especially the bee and honey stands.

    Toffee Vodka - goodness!


  16. A splendid day at the show and honey is my favourite food.