Monday, 19 September 2011

Treasure Huntin'

Over At Olive's  I've just been reading about a gorgeous vase she found at a church sale for just four dollars. I found a vase I really liked at a village car boot a bit back and I wanted to show Olive the picture of it.

This is a turquoise colour too although the finish is matt rather than glazed.

It has the words 'Harford Made in England' stamped on the base.

 I've looked it up on Google but haven't found out very much about it. So was just wondering if anybody else could give me any information. I think I paid about £3 at the time (last of the big spenders, me)  but it's something I've always liked.
'Whatever floats your boat.' as they say!


  1. Hi Molly,

    I found Hartford which was made in England, but no Harford. Maybe the T fell off.

    Having something not made in China is quite is a good deal anyway. It is lovely.

  2. Oh yes, a lovely find and i am sure that you are never short of flowers for it. I loved your post on herbs to me they are growing with Love, they look so happy. I missed the post about the herbs. Ange. ox

  3. Nothing like a bargain - I am always looking for vases or jugs for containers - and I always hope that I have found the next exhibit for Sothebys'- well you have to dream! Jane xx

  4. I had another look at the base of it - there's a gold mark which looks a bit like a tea stain and a banner with Arthur Wood written across it.

  5. Molly, it's beautiful and the shape is perfect. It harkens to that Hull and McCoy era. I have been stumbling over that stuff a lot but I am told today's vase I posted is Shawnee which I have never heard of. Thanks for showing this piece to me. Olive

  6. It's very nice, Molly. Quite an unusual shape.

  7. I came across 2 Wood jugs on e Bay with similar art deco handles. One was £8.50, the other £30. Arthur Wood is best known for his Toby Jugs. No idea about Harford, maybe it was just a small subsidiary. I reckon your £3 is secure!

  8. Lovely vase, Molly. A bargain. I also love collecting things at garage sales or opportunity shops. Went to the Hospice Shop on Friday to try and find a jumper for M. instead I got a lovely tweed style jacket for myself - brand new (or worn perhaps once) for $3.00.

  9. I love treasure hunting but I can't really afford to buy any more stuff. In fact, I should be treasure selling.

    handsome piece of pottery you got there.

  10. I'm no expert, the design looks to be 1930 ish, Harford is small place in Devon I think?

    There are two potters by that name a Chloe Harford & a Chris Harford.

    What you need to do is a Google Image search and use the makers name, you might need to do this several times

    The important thing is that you find them attractive

  11. O here we go I was right about the date.
    Just found this & you might be on to a winner !

    Arthur Wood Vase,Harford Motive,Rare | eBay - CachedArthur Wood Vase,Harford Motive,Rare in Pottery, Porcelain Glass , Pottery , Arthur ... UK) ------------------------------------------------ PAYPAL INFO :- I do NOT ask my ...
    arthur wood vintage art deco jug or vase harford c1930s | eBay - Cachedarthur wood vintage art deco jug or vase harford c1930s in Pottery, Porcelain Glass ... United Kingdom, Phone: 01943|461257. Email: ...

  12. I think this resembles Hull pottery, as someone else commented above. it's a lovely vase Molly. and what a bargain!

  13. Heron - thanks so much for the tips. Been rushing round a bit today and haven't had much chance to go on my computer. Will certainly be having a look. Like you said - it's nice to buy things just because you enjoy someone else's craft work and that's what I do.
    Thanks Becky.