Thursday, 15 August 2013

How to annoy people without trying

Have you got any annoying habits? I have this awful Welsh thing about repeating everything twice. When we were coming home from our holiday we travelled with National Express and had to change at Birmingham to catch the bus back to Shrewsbury. The cases were all piled up in the luggage compartment and the lady bus driver was having a right job trying to sort them all out. I pipes up -'There's my suitcase. THERE'S MY SUITCASE.' She turned on me  with,
'GIVE ME A BREAK, I'M DOING MY BEST''  (or something like that)

When we were on the ship, I went for a wander around the Shopping Emporium. On certain days they have a 50% reduction on different items. On this particular day there were two couples there, obviously from Wales. The women were rooting through the handbags sorting out which ones they liked best. One of the husbands (brilliant Welsh accent) chimes up :- 'Remember that woman we met.'.....

her husband says, 'I don't want it. I DON'T WANT IT.'
An' she says, 'It was on offer. IT WAS ON OFFER!'

Don't you just love it.
Do you annoy people?


  1. Who me? Annoy people? Me????? Yah..probably.

  2. I'm sure you don't annoy people - just loved that out take.

  3. And don't the Irish say 'at all, at all'.

    I think my hermit-like existence helps me not to be permanently annoying. It's just when I do actually meet them it happens.

  4. I think it may be easier to annoy people now as folks are far less civil these days Molly.

  5. From today I will try my best not to be so annoying. I will.

  6. Annoy people? Me? What, me? Annoy people? Never!

  7. Priceless, Molly. Do I annoy people? You'd better ask my DH when you've half an hour to spare. :-)