Monday, 5 August 2013

Back Home Again

Boarding at Southampton

We've had such a fantastic time, it's not true. Visited seven countries.
Huge vase at Kristiansand, Norway

Heading through the Baltic Sea
Sunbathing on-board

Gydinia, Poland
Big Ships that pass in the night
The Church of Spilled Blood, St Petersburg
Waterways of the Neva
And Fabulous Arcitecture
Palaces of the Tsars and the Peter and Paul Fortress
The Golden Spire built by Peter the Great
Market stalls along the harbour
Shadows on the bridge
Meeting up with my daughter's  friend.
The other side of the world, we got chatting to one of the sales assistants in the Shopping  Emporium only to discover that before she landed this plum job, she worked for the same company as my daughter and was also one of her  friends as well. Small world.

One of my favourite stops was Tallin in Estonia - cobbled streets and market stalls - I loved it.

D'you like my slippers?  They are soooo comfortable.

Little cobbled streets, nooks and crannies. Would have loved to have spent more time here.
Posted by PicasaMe, who's never hardly moved more than a thirty mile radius in the whole of my life, on a cruise like this. Wake me up - I'm dreaming


  1. Oh Molly - I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. It looks as though you had perfect weather as well. You deserve it.

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful time, Moll - it all looks fabulous.

  3. such lovely photos, it all looks wonderful.

  4. And now you've been to the end of the earth and back. What beautiful views you brought home with you!

  5. What a lovely trip. It looks like fun.

  6. Oh my, Molly, what a fabulous vacation that must have been. It sounds like a dream cruise where you got to see things you have only read about, and then, there you are walking along the streets of a foreign land.

    You should plan more of these adventures.

  7. Welcome back, Molly! Looks as if you had a wonderful time and a great way to see new places, meet other travellers and find that it's 'a small world'! Love the slippers! Time to sit back and reflect on you time and then plan another trip maybe?

  8. It looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us.

  9. Thank you for your comments, all of you. Would have loved to had all of you there with us.

  10. if you had to start travelling at your time of life, this is definitely the way to do it, Molly. :-) What a fantastic trip and I'm glad you had such good weather. Your mind must be simply crammed with wonderful memories.

  11. Hello you two - it looks as if a good time was had by all - lovely pics - I have had blog trouble or blogger trouble which ever way you look at it - and have had to ditch my Levant blog and startover xx

  12. Oh my goodness this looks like it was an AMAZING trip. Wow. ANd yes those slippers do look super comfortable.