Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas. I Love You

I loved your comments on my last post so this is my Christmas card to my friends, each one of you. All those groan worthy jokes you get in crackers, keep them coming they make me laugh when I want to cry.
Someone banged on our back door this morning - it was our neighbour from the barn conversion. He had 4 days growth of beard, his hair was uncombed and his eyes sunk into his head.
'Did you realise,' he said, 'that the car alarm on your white car has been going off for the last THREE days.'
Well no, honestly I didn't! Had to get someone in to fix it quick! Bernard, I found this on You tube it made me laugh. Anyway to all of you. Have a special Peaceful Christmas. Lots of love from your friend Molly xxx


  1. A peaceful and blessed Christmas to you too Molly....may your Christmas wishes come true.

  2. Ha,ha! So that is who it was.
    I expect I had a 'crush' on her when I was six! That's how I remembered it.

    More jokes? Really?

    "The man in the dock, who stole a calendar from Smiths, got 12 months!"

    "To try and write with a broken pencil - is pointless!"

    "A boiled egg is - very hard to beat!"

    Stop! Stop! I hear you cry.
    Enough! Enough!
    Well, there you go. Another year over.
    I wish you all the best.
    Take care, especially with icy cobblers. :)
    {hugs} and best wishes to you both.

  3. Merry Christmas Molly and a happy, healthy new year.

  4. Thanks for the animal crackers, I loved Shirley Temple, and now I am getting to enjoy her again with my grand daughter. Now why did the neighbor wait three days to tell you about your horn? Have a merry Christmas.

  5. O'h Molly I am sorry but I think the car alarm was so funny poor man and poor you its a wonder the battery was not you have a hearing problem lol happy Christmas to one of my very most favourite bloggers.

  6. My favourite cracker joke is:-

    What's brown and sticky?

    A stick!

  7. Yes, I am amazed that he waited three days to tell you. He is either a good neighbor or not. I would think that he should have come over to just check on you. Of course, by how you described him, he might have been on a 3 day bender and not recognized the noise.

    Dearest Molly, you take good care of yourself. Find reasons to smile and know that we are all thinking about you. You are our favorite blogger, you know.

  8. God lille videofilm, sem om jeg ikke forstår teksten.
    Tak for kigget.

  9. Three days!!??

    I'm amazed he wasn't thrashing it with a bit of tree like Basil Fawlty!!

    If you don't post until after Chrimbo Molly, I wish you and your hubby the greatest Christmas and New Year. God bless.x

  10. Merry Christmas Molly..

    What a patient man your neighbour is, waiting for three days before saying something.

  11. "you too Molly,,,,,,,you too"

  12. Your comments are brilliant. The problem with the car is that it's the old wreck that O/H uses to transport his auction bargains in and parked down the yard below the house. The man who fixed it thought that it was probably due to the rain and ice setting it off. The back door bell on our house has been redundant for about 5 years and a sensor normally starts a buzzer in the house so that we know when someone's at the door. Who turned it off I wonder? Poor man! How to lose friends and alienate people. Hopefully problem solved and a peace offering.

  13. Have a lovely peaceful Christmas Molly and OH - lots of love - xx from us both - Jane

  14. ooh, love that new header photo Molly. thanks for sharing the joy in that video! it's precious. your neighbor certainly waited a long time to tell you about the car alarm. my word. I would have been over there in a flash! thanks for the chuckles Molly. wishing you the most joyful of holidays. xoxo

  15. I suspect selective hearing.

    How did Good King Wenceslas like his pizzas?

    Deep and crisp and even!

  16. Love you too! Shirley Temple is the best. Just adorable!

  17. Love you AND Shirley T!! Happy holidays, Molly!!

  18. Hi Molly, the video is amazing! I live Shirley Temple very much!