Friday, 24 June 2011


We seem to be so much busier this year, or perhaps we're just one year older and one year slower than we were this time last year. Yes that's it! The kitchen re-hash is progressing painfully slowly but at least the new sink is in position and I can actually sink my elbows in foamy washing up liquid without washing my feet as well! Hallelujah! And out in the garden the weeds are a-jumping! 7.30 am I'm doing the rounds feeding Fadger and Little Fadge and opening the doors on the poly tunnels. It's lovely this time in the morning. There is that still damp crispness in the air and the sun is just starting to make its presence over Middletown Hill. I stood for a few minutes and listened. All I could hear were the sounds of the brook and the birds. This is my first attempt at posting a video,so fingers crossed, but just wanted to share it with you of what it was like!

My Other Half constructed this little greenhouse for me a couple or so years ago. He made it out of recyled bits of wood and some old re-inforced plate glass windows. Brilliant for all those little trays of plants and all it cost was his time!

This year I've tried starting quite a few different sorts of veggies in plug trays. These are a variety of carrots called Ronda. I've also done beetroot plugs, swedes and spinach. The good thing about plug plants is that you can thin them by just tweaking out the extra seedling before they're planted in the main soil or even plant them up in containers if space is a bit of a premium. Saves a lot of work later on!

We save all the banana skins and put them near to the tomato plants as this helps to ripen them a bit quicker.

The runner beans in the poly tunnel have excelled themselves this year for some unknown reason. The weather conditions must have hit it right.

We had a meal of runner beans for our dinner tonight

I picked the first of the sweet peas today. The fragrance is breath-taking.

Hope your day has been special too!


  1. A lovely video Molly,and the whole blog was a lovely stroll through your garden thank you xx

  2. for once I am the first, Oh how I enjoyed the video, especially the sound effects of the bird life.Congratulations on your first video posting. and Thankyou. 0x0

  3. Hi Molly - I loved that video - and your early morning stroll - to open up the tunnels etc - is that a white dahlia in your header - gorgeous pic - thanks for the banana skin tip- didn,t know that x

  4. Lovely! send me some sunshine Molly!

  5. So lovely in your garden, and I just love the sweet peas. Gram used to grow those and we always brought some in to enjoy.

  6. Your runners look superb. Our 'French' dwarf beans are just about to start.

  7. How uncanny that we should both do the same thing within a couple of days of each other.
    I'm up early in the morn, and I stood by the back door and made a wee video of the garden and birdsong. I was not however, as brave as you and haven't published it.
    Banana skins? That is a new one for me! Mind you I never eat bananas so couldn't give it a try.
    All looking very good Molly.

  8. Gotta get me a polytunnel!

    That little greenhouse looks great too...

  9. Love your comment
    s. Jane it is a dahlia - it's called 'My Love' Carole and Ange - thank you!
    mbj - I like sweet peas too!
    Cro - Haddocks looks pretty good to me!
    Bernard - great minds think alike as they say!
    Chris - you'd never be without a poly tunnel once you got one - they're brilliant!

  10. Kath - we've been watching Glastonbury on the television - it looks very w~e~t where you are! We've had quite a lot of rain here today as well - never mind lots of sunshine forecast for next week!

  11. I love this peek into your green world Molly. thanks for the video, it made my day. I'm unfamiliar with the practice of putting banana peels around the tomato plants, but I'm sure going to try it. you live in a little slice of heaven.

  12. Very nice job with the video. One good thing for me about retirement is having the mornings to myself and enjoying the peacefulness of it all. Because of all my husband's birdfeeders, I get to see and hear so many different tunes. It is good for the soul and mind.

    Your gardens are lovely and lush Molly. I really enjoyed seeing them.

  13. Hey Molly, that video was just beautiful, the bird song, the garden, just lovely. Wish I could just step through he computer screen and be there.

    Never heard of putting banana skins near the tomatoes, might have to give it a go, but when the price of bananas comes down. They are $13.00 a kg here, prices went through the roof after the cyclone in Qld. devasted the banana crop...........

    Claire :}

    Sweetpeas, oooh I do love 'em. The perfume can take me back 40 years to when my mum grew them, She had a great big trellis full of them and I would take a huge bunch to school for the teacher.

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