Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Community Garden May 24th 2016

Rocket potatoes

Broad Beans

Little Gem lettuce & beetroot plugs

Runner Beans

First root of new potaoes

Strawberries from  last year's runners


“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: 

it goes on."


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

God Bless Friends

The last few months have been like no other. And yet it's only when I look back that I can see that I was never or will ever be alone in all this.
It's been bitterly cold here today - blizzards in Scotland on today's weather forecast. I've spent a few hours potching in the two remaining poly tunnels.

Way back in January, I bought  3 kilos of seed potatoes from Coedy and put them to chit.

During half term, my fantastic nephew brought the kids down and they planted them out for me.

 I planted runner bean seeds

 They grew broad beans in little cardboard pots

Strawberry bed from home grown runners

New potatoes just starting to come into flower

Parsnips just starting to show through

The winter storms ripped the one poly sheet to shreds so a new one ordered and ready to replace when we have a minute

Fadgy supposedly on mouse patrol in my top tunnel.

A few lettuce (and chickweed) growing together

Pesky mice having a field day digging out my beetroot plugs

 and sweetcorn plants. Just as they were progressing, the little divils dug them up, ate the seeds and left the shoots shrivelled up on the top of the tray.

A clump of lettuce  seeds tossed amongst the garlic.
Never ever going to eat all this veg on my own, but I have a dream of a little community where we weed and sow and plant and share all the produce between us.
Hope it comes true x

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Shadow Shot Mothering Sunday

Today in UK it's Mothering Sunday. Thank you to my (grown up) fledglings for making it special.

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 Happy SSS 2

Monday, 25 January 2016

Some Other Sunrise

You know how it is. You're doing ordinary things - we were on our way to the Docs early on this morning. As I was locking up - this fabulous sunrise. Just had to go back and grab my camera. Moments later the sky lightened and it had disappeared.
We went to a funeral this afternoon. A close friend of ours had died suddenly on New Year's Eve. After the shock and disbelief, I'm glad that there was a space of just over three weeks before the actual funeral took place. Time to get my head around things. He was a character and a half, a sharp wit and a practical joker. One of those people, just having him around made the day a little bit brighter. All of two hundred people were packed in that little church.
It was just a privilege to have someone like him walk through my life. I'm sure a lot of people felt the same as I did. More, 'the celebration of a life' than 'the mourning of a death.' Is it wrong to admit that you enjoyed a funeral?  But this one I did.
Hey Gordon. We'll miss you.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Knit one, drop one

Just over a year ago, when we thought that everything was back on an even keel, a routine blood test revealed that the cancer was on the rampage again.
I suppose that everyone  has their own way of dealing with bad news. I was (am) carer again big time. Blogging which I love, took a back seat and I dropped out of most things. When a wave like that hits you it's hard to talk to people. Then one day when I was in Welshpool, I called in the Severn Hospice Shop just above the town hall. There on a low shelf, was a basket full of wool. I haven't done any knitting for about thirty years and what I did do was a bit suspect. Anyway I bought both the basket and the wool.  I found it totally therapeutic. Well better than just biting my finger nails. It's good having a project.  I started with these.

I made this

and this

and this.

And now, 2016, I've done 14 squares - just another 58 to go. Things are going to be good this year. 
If you called by and read my blog  (bless your little heart(s)) Happy New Year x