Sunday, 22 March 2015

Total Eclipse

On Friday 20th March, early morning, the sun shone to dazzling. By 9 am here it started to get darker and the shadows longer. By 9.30 am the birds stopped singing, the sheep stood rock still in the field over the way and I had to switch the light on. For a little while, the eerie silence of it all almost overwhelmed me and then a little while later, the sun came back, the birds sang and everything was OK again.

I love this song. Thank you for letting me share it with you. Have a good week.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A good day for planting potatoes

Yep, John and Cro, it's been great here too. Had my trays of new potato seeds chitting (waiting for the green shoots to spurt) on a back windowsill since the beginning of February. According to legend, setting them out in trays like that for about 3 or 4 weeks will (hopefully) bring a crop of freshly dug new potatoes on about a month earlier. We'll see.

Chitted Rocket Potatoes

Forked over a patch of ground where last years leeks had grown. Made a line of green string between two forks and dug a trench a spade  deep all along. A handful of GroMore fert along the row. Hoed it in and then scattered a tub of chicken manure pellets over the soil, hoeing that in as well.

Spaced each potato about a foot apart from each other and planted them, green eye up.

Marked the rows with bamboo canes, raked over and job done. Peter Rabbit polished off nearly all my cauliflowers early on. I covered up the cabbages with  garden fleece. He didn't like that and left them alone, so hopefully, still might get a few spring greens yet.

Blue sky and sunshine all day. The cherry blossom's really come out today. it's lovely.

My hellebore's out.

And the miniature daffies are out in the front border.

A few weeks ago I bought quite a few packets of end of season bargain bulbs from Coedy. They were only 20p each, far too cheap to leave there. Anyway, they seem to be growing OK. I covered them with wire baskets to stop the pesky cats digging them up which they did without fail practically every morning. They've not yet figured how to get around that one. Molly 1 - Cats 0.

'Would we ever?'
Have a good week.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

A life in the day.

I woke up this morning to find that a pesky rabbit(s) had nibbled all the centres out of my prize cauliflower plants and the pesky cats instead of discouraging them had scratched up half my prize daffodil bulbs.

My darling horse mad daughter shared this video on her Facebook page. Now I feel really old. But it did make me smile a bit though. Please excuse the naughty bits.

Saturday, 31 January 2015


You can see this painting on the west wall of the Lingen Davies Centre in Shrewsbury.  My darling O/H is not too well at the moment and like so may other people,  we're having to make a few more trips there.  Don't know who the artist is, but the picture's been donated.  The position of the fishing boats, vibrancy of the colours of each one, the myriad of shades and splashes on the beach and in the water. I don't even pretend to know anything about art but I really love looking at this one. My skew whiff camera doesn't do it justice - sorry.

Camellias are out in bloom all around the hospital grounds. The colours are gorgeous. Mine at home, are just starting to come into bud.

Some wool samples in a glass display case in Hereford Cathedral

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do in the long Winter nights. I bought a heap of wool, myself, from 'Coedy' and have started knitting a multi coloured throw. Got it all wrapped round me while I'm typing this.

It's freezing outside. Imagine a world without colour. Wouldn't it be horrible.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Going Bananas

Banana Cake
We've got 3 leftover ripe bananas in the fruit bowl so I made this cake today:~

100 grms (4oz) soft margarine
100 grms (4oz) sugar
150 grms (6oz) self raising flour
tsp cinnamon
tsp mixed spice
1 ripe banana
2 medium eggs
100 grms (4oz) sultanas
7 chopped glace cherries

Set the oven temperature moderately hot to about 180 degrees Celsius
Mix together margarine and sugar
Add the mashed banana and mix well
Add eggs and beat well
Sieve flour and spices and fold in to the mixture
Add sultanas and glace cherries
Spoon mixture into a 1lb loaf tin
Bake for about an hour - test the cake by inserting the sharp point of a knife through the centre. If the knife comes out clean - it's done.,

Allow it to cool and enjoy ~ ~

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Have just been reading Elizabeth at Welsh Hills Again 's reflective blog. The weather in this little part of the world as well was pretty cold last night. Ground rock hard and parts of the single track road, a sheet of glass. And a feeling as though the winter could well go on for ever. But the sun shone today and in a sheltered part, I noticed we had some daffodil bulbs struggling through. Even when you can't see a lot, it's still all going on there under the frozen earth and some day soon .......

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy ........ ?

What puts the 'Happy' in 'Happy New Year'?  I was watching 'Breakfast', this morning.  The presenter was interviewing someone talking about what makes people happy. What makes you happy?

I thought about it as we went for our morning walk. It was blooming cold last night. Everything was frozen solid this morning and the roadsides covered in rime. Being able to go for a walk makes me happy.

Early morning silence and pausing on the bridge to watch the stream go rolling down makes me happy.

Rime covered grass makes me happy. Love the crunch it makes.

Finding frozen seed heads makes me happy.

A pile of sticks floated down on the last storm. They'll be cut up and put in the log pile tomorrow.
Those also.

Not going A over T on the ice, like my friend Miriam did the other week. This part of the road was just like a skating rink - that definitely made me happy.
Happy New Year