Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Happy Christmas to You

I met a neighbour/friend the other day - we were in the queue in Barclays Bank and she was telling me that she had just gone A over T outside the market. How embarrassing it was and how much her rrrrs hurt. Neither of us noticed that the cashier was waiting patiently at her desk and the queue was getting ever longer behind us. Then the woman behind her joined in the conversation. It all went on down the line and ....... the cashier was still waiting.

Our darling granddaughter has been staying with us for a few days. This is the Christmas card she brought with her. She went home today, but I would like to share it with you who call by. Have a beautiful, special Christmas with all those you love xx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Bin day today. I was just putting the bin out on that bit of the morning  just between dark and light.

Over on the east, a blood red sky.

Within a few short seconds it gradually got lighter.

And lighter.

When I came back in the house, O/H was watching 'Breakfast' on TV. I said to him, 'I've just seen an amazing sunrise." As soon as I said it, one of the TV presenters said to the other, "We are receiving some amazing pictures our viewers are sending in of the sunrise."
Seems like, we were all looking at the same sky.
I didn't send my pictures in and none of them have been 'photo shopped'.
Did you see it? Hope you did - it was wordless.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Knit one, Drop One

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I went for a browse around the Severn Hospice Shop above the Town Hall in Welshpool. Tucked away in a corner was this basket with oddments of coloured wool. Just had to buy it even if I haven't done any knitting for about thirty years. Needing some knitting needles to go with it, I asked the lady behind the counter if they sold them. Apparently they did, but were unable to display them as they were classed as offensive weapons and she had to call the manager. ( Bureaucracy gone daft - I ask you - Elf an' Safety and all that). Anyway, the manager showed me through to a room at the back of the shop, what an Aladdin's Cave. Piles and piles of stuff that people had donated. He opened a deep drawer on a battered wooden chest. 'There you are,' he smiled, 'Take your pick'.
I chose a handful, paid at the till. Off home and couldn't wait to get started.

So far, I've made :- two hot water bottle covers (starting on a third one in the bluey green colour) and two hats. I offered one of them to my son, but he laughed and said it made him look like Benny off 'Crossroads' D'you remember that Soap way back? The ungrateful little buzzuck. My darling horse mad daughter brought me a bag full of gorgeous coloured wool (which I love) for my birthday. So the next project is to knit her one of those ear warming hats for her to wear while she feeds the ponies. She's off to Bali for her holiday at the beginning of January. It's 30 degrees out there, but it might come in handy for when she comes back.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Horsing About

My darling horsey daughter has just shared this video.
Only another 37 days, 3 hours and 1 minute until Christmas,  G M T

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Jeep Spade

A few years ago, when we had a stall at Chirk Car Boot, O/H used to leave me manning the stall, while he went for a 'mosey' around everyone else's. This one day he came back with a  half rusty spade. It had quite a short stale and was about 3 feet in length, the T bar  and the stale had worn white in places where the green  paint had flaked away. He propped it against our stall table and off he went. Not long after a dear white haired old man, in checked flat cap and trailing rain coat stopped by for a chat - people often did. He spotted the spade. He leant heavily on his walking stick and his eyes twinkled as he instantly recognised it.
'That's a Jeep spade.'
He picked it up and turned it over in his hands.
'We used to use them when I was out in Burma.'
With that he made pretend movements as he showed me how the soldiers used to dig trenches and make 'dugouts' for their night's shelter. His stories were wonderful. The next time he came by he told me that he was going into a care home for a fortnight.'I'll come and see you in a couple of weeks,' he said.
I never saw him again.
Another wonderful old war veteran is Mr Jones. He lives in the neighbouring property to my sister-in-law. He's in his nineties now. My sister-in-law and her family often call in to see if he's OK and to give him a hand. He was also stationed in Burma during the war and loves to recount some of his memories.  This one particular night he recalls -
'I'd made a dugout with my Jeep spade and bedded down for the night. As it got toward morning, I felt something pressing  on my stomach, heavy like. It was starting to get half light. I opened my eyes and as I looked down, there was  a cobra's head inches away from my face. It had wrapped it's great huge body twice round me. Well I can tell you- scared the living daylights out of me, but I never flinched. I thought to myself, if I lie quiet when reveille goes and I'm not there, somebody will come looking. Sure enough ......

Where's Private Jones? They searched and there's me laid out like a statue. Fast as they could to they brought in one of the native boys. Quick as a flash he snapped his hand around the cobra's head and bent it backards.' Mr Jones let out a deep sigh of relief. ' If that cobra had have wrapped himself round me one more time, I would have been a dead 'un for sure.'

The campaign to oust Japanese occupation out of Burma was the longest and bloodiest of the whole of World War 11 lasting from 1941 until 1945

Sunday 9th November is Remembrance Sunday

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I don't usually post two blog posts up so close together, but my horse mad daughter has just shared this on facebook

Thank you for dropping by and leaving yesterday's comments. I googled what 'sfs' means - the best answer was 'Shout for Shout' - apparently it's if you press the 'like' button on somebody's site then ten to one, they'll press the like button on yours. So there you go. Have a good week. Molly

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thank you Amy (2)

My special friend Amy has nominated me for a 'lovely bloggers award'.. Amy, thank you and I loved reading seven things about you as well. Amy's Blog  And not only, but also our best blogging  buddy has started the ball rolling with seven lovely things we didn't know about Cro either... tada...Cro's seven  I'm a bit like Cro and I don't usually do 'Blog Awardy things' either but this is a special one  for Amy -
Seven things about me  - (not that lovely mind)
1. Going to start with Cro's no7 - he says every morning he wakes up happy. Every morning I'm happy to wake up.

2. I have never eaten hummus in my life. Didn't even know what it was and I had to look it up on Google - Hummus - it does actually look very healthy eating - so well done Amy. I cook our main meal mid day and it's usually chicken and vegetables, sausage stir frys or some sort of fish.

3. I love learning new things - did my first grocery internet shop last week and was so pleased. I hate supermarket shopping - crowded alleys, bumping trolleys, crass music which does your head in, looking for stuff I can't find and coming home without it, long queues at the till, humping bags into the car, humping them out again, tripping over ravenous cats, trying to feed ravenous husband and having to pack it all away. No, this was definitely, definitely a lot more civilised. Just put another order in for tomorrow.

Chip basket/ garden sieve

Loo roll centres/ seed incubaters

I am really into recycling. I needed a new chip basket and discovered that my old one made a brilliant sieve for sieving soil for my seeds. I save every cardboard toilet roll holder. Make cuts at one end about 2" deep, bend the ends over. Hold them under the tap to dampen them and then dry them out. Fantastic for growing bean or sweet pea seeds in. In the Spring, all you have to do is to plant them, carton and all.

5. My family mean everything to me. I love it when they just drop in on me unexpectedly. I like to think that I'm loyal to my friends. The worse thing that can happen in my book is to betray someone or to be betrayed. I hate anything false.

6. Red is my favourite colour

7. I saw the abbreviations SFS on something and didn't know what they stood for - I do now. Do You?

Like Cro, I'm not passing this challenge on to anybody, but would love you to join in the fun if you want to.