Thursday, 31 January 2019

Log Fires and Below Zero

I had a good day yesterday. A local farmer came with his Landrover and brought me a trailer load of logs. Must have been well over a ton. He dropped them on the driveway outside my back door and then waved good bye. Hard working farmers are always busy.

 I got my wheelbarrow and started to ferry them across the lawn into  the nearest polytunnel. And then the heavens opened and didn't it rain. It took me just over an hour to stack them all in the dry. Wet through to the skin but so chuffed to get the job completed. 

Not so long after the sun came out for a few moments - (yeah I know) - and brought with it the most fabulous sunset. Two gifts in one day.

I woke up this morning to minus 6 and ice on the insides of my window.

Like this

                                    and this

But soon had my Rayburn lit and a roaring log fire in my 'front room'

All toasty.
It was a good day yesterday.


  1. That was a wonderful gift. Nevertheless, a lot of trips to the polytunnel to get them under cover! Good job.

  2. Well done you for shifting all the wood and well done the farmer for giving it to you. No need for firewood here at present. It has been mid 30's over the past week - forecast for mid to late 20's next week.

    Keep warm.

  3. I would love a log fire Moll, especially looking at your heating oil graph.

    1. I love my log fires. This place would be freezing without them.

  4. Hello, Molly. Will you drop me a line at, please. I'd like to be in touch with you.