Saturday, 28 July 2018

Shadow Shot Sunday II - Hot Dry Summer

Today we walked the hot, dusty  single track right up to the top of the Long Mountain. I hadn't been up there for ten years. And it's still as beautiful.
Lots of sheep and lambs.
Silage bales lined up ready to be taken down into storage for  Winter feed.

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  1. Beautiful shot there Molly; the wrapped bales give it something of a 'living' presence. Also you have a lovely header like the Garden of Eden.

    1. The header is a pic of some of my garden - but it was taken in early June before the grass turned brown. Hope things are good with you xx

  2. This might be my 3rd or 4th try to leave a comment-am trying it in Safari now instead of Chrome. Anyway, what a beautiful view and I love the bales of hay!

  3. Lovely photos Molly - I presume the top one is your garden which looks delightful. Trust you are keeping o.k. in all the heat.

  4. The marvellous view made the walk worth while. Is that the same mountain we can see in your lovely header?

  5. That's a lovely photo. I wondered about the black bales. Black hay? Then I read silage. Question answered.

  6. Beautiful country! Thanks for linking up to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

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  8. I don’t know how I missed this post last month. As everyone said, the picture is wonderful. You live in a lovely, very peaceful looking place. It is nice to read, that yourscenery has not changed in ten years. I can’t say the same for where I live.

  9. What a contrast to your January post. I learned a new word, silage. Thanks foe sharing.

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