Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thank you Amy (2)

My special friend Amy has nominated me for a 'lovely bloggers award'.. Amy, thank you and I loved reading seven things about you as well. Amy's Blog  And not only, but also our best blogging  buddy has started the ball rolling with seven lovely things we didn't know about Cro either... tada...Cro's seven  I'm a bit like Cro and I don't usually do 'Blog Awardy things' either but this is a special one  for Amy -
Seven things about me  - (not that lovely mind)
1. Going to start with Cro's no7 - he says every morning he wakes up happy. Every morning I'm happy to wake up.

2. I have never eaten hummus in my life. Didn't even know what it was and I had to look it up on Google - Hummus - it does actually look very healthy eating - so well done Amy. I cook our main meal mid day and it's usually chicken and vegetables, sausage stir frys or some sort of fish.

3. I love learning new things - did my first grocery internet shop last week and was so pleased. I hate supermarket shopping - crowded alleys, bumping trolleys, crass music which does your head in, looking for stuff I can't find and coming home without it, long queues at the till, humping bags into the car, humping them out again, tripping over ravenous cats, trying to feed ravenous husband and having to pack it all away. No, this was definitely, definitely a lot more civilised. Just put another order in for tomorrow.

Chip basket/ garden sieve

Loo roll centres/ seed incubaters

I am really into recycling. I needed a new chip basket and discovered that my old one made a brilliant sieve for sieving soil for my seeds. I save every cardboard toilet roll holder. Make cuts at one end about 2" deep, bend the ends over. Hold them under the tap to dampen them and then dry them out. Fantastic for growing bean or sweet pea seeds in. In the Spring, all you have to do is to plant them, carton and all.

5. My family mean everything to me. I love it when they just drop in on me unexpectedly. I like to think that I'm loyal to my friends. The worse thing that can happen in my book is to betray someone or to be betrayed. I hate anything false.

6. Red is my favourite colour

7. I saw the abbreviations SFS on something and didn't know what they stood for - I do now. Do You?

Like Cro, I'm not passing this challenge on to anybody, but would love you to join in the fun if you want to.


  1. I have no idea what SFS is....are you going to tell me? Congrats on the award.

  2. My mother loved red, too, "no matter what color it was!" That always amused me, until I crossed over and loved red, too.
    No idea what SFS is, and will not ask a granddaughter; I'll just wait.

  3. I like your toilet roll seed raisers. I just had to look up SFS - hadn't heard it before.

  4. Like you, Molly, I am happy to wake up and it is a bonus when I can move without hurting. I have eaten hummus (because two of my children are vegetarians) and it is OK, but I'd rather have cheese.

  5. Unlike Amy, I don't eat Hummus every day, but I do make a load every so often.... very easy too. Strangely, I actually enjoy my supermarket visits. No idea about SFS.

  6. Congratulations Molly on your award - love your list - resouceful as always - heh - well done on the internet shopping - keep your eye on the brook though ! I googled sfs - oh my ! - take care you two xx

  7. Well I know one meaning for SFS ... I wonder if it's the same for you!!

  8. Those were fun! I'm with you on internet versus supermarket shopping, Molly, even here in the far north.