Sunday, 5 August 2012

Showers of Gold

Early Morning Mist on Moel-y-golfa
I've never really been one of those sporty types - my sole claim to fame was when (skirt tucked into knickers) I came first in the local primary schools high jump when I was eleven - long time ago. But I can't help watching bits and glitches of the Olympics all the same. Wasn't last night at the Olympic Stadium fantastic! Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah giving it their all. Did you see the look of sheer grit on Farah's face as he crossed the finishing line? I had a lump in my throat just watching him go.
It's often crossed my mind how people get good at what they do. There must be a bit of encouragement or quite a lot of it somewhere along the line. I remember years ago, my O/H going abroad on a business trip. He was very taken with the piano playing of one of the musicians in the hotel bar. He told her that she must be gifted to be able to play like that. To which she replied, 'Gifted my a*se! You have to practise for hours and hours to get it right.' And they must have put acres of  hard work into it too.
I got up early this morning. The view across the 'Moel-y'  was just breath taking. The mist drifting across the  lower ground, the tip of the mountain above it and a clear blue sky. It must have rained quite a a bit in the night. When I walked round the garden this morning, the plants were dripping with dew and there was that late summer nip in the air.

Sweet Peas
The sweet peas have been hard work this year. All that rain earlier on caused the roots to die off and the leaves didn't grow like they should. The flowers are just coming into bloom now. I picked a vase full for the house. The perfume is just out of this world.


The gladiolus are out.

And so are the Orange Day Lilies, the blue/purple Veronica  and the white Verbascum

Blue Scabious,  Eryngium (Sea Holly)  and Cosmos

The sun on the poly tunnel silhouetted the sweet corn.

The cobs are just starting to ripen. We've eaten one or two already.

Tomatoes are just starting to turn - never ever thought they would this year.

And later on, when the sun was really bright, I looked up and saw this fabulous cloud formation.
Life's good. Hope you've had a good weekend too.


  1. Our son and his wife and child were fortunate enough to be there last night, Molly, and they said the atmosphere was absolutely electric. I watched it on an internet link and was riveted. Such talent and dedication from all the athletes.

    Love your photos and your garden is looking wonderful.

  2. Lovely photos, Moll. Despite my disinterest in most things sporting, this current Olympic Games has re-kindled my interest in golden showers. I am sure that all those winning athletes have experienced lumps in their throats over the last few days too.

  3. I often wonder too what makes people push so hard for perfection.....I am a wee bit envious of that drive for sure.

    Glad the garden is moving right along.We don;t really get sweat peas here (the odd one). I do love seeing them.

  4. The garden is wonderful Molly,I will have to catch the Olympics on the re runs lol just cannot stay awake all night then go to work...ahhhh the joys of distance!

  5. Your garden is so beautiful Molly.

  6. Your plants look healthy and delicious. Wish I could reach through the screen and steal some!

  7. I still can't be excited about the competitions, but I do like the "job well done" pleasure emanating from the country. My personal favorite: verbascum.

  8. I have watched some of the Olympics and yes, it is always heart warming to see the faces of the winners. I am sure that those that don't medal, although disappointed, had the time of their lives. also. Just competing is an honor and the word Olympian will follow their names forever.

    Your pictures are beautiful, as usual. You have a wonderful eye with the camera.

  9. Hey Molly, early morning starts are always rewarded with beautiful sights. I set the alarm for an early rise, but just couldn't drag myself out of bed due to a disturbed nights sleep. Shall try again tomorrow.
    Beautiful flowers in your garden Molly. I hope to have a bit more variety in mine this year, fingers crossed......I love Sweet Peas and their perfume takes me back to my childhood. My mum used to grow them up a big trellis and they created a beautiful floral screen....

    Have a great week,

    CLaire :}

  10. Molly, your garden is lovely. That corn is going to be delicious. I know you are enjoying those hometown Olympics. Olive

  11. Molly - so glad things are going well for you. Those sweet peas in particular look wonderful - I can just about smell them. Our aunt who lived a couple of doors away from us always grew them on a large trellis.

    Good that your veggies are finally doing their thing.

  12. When my people were living in Shropshire, they had an everlasting Sweet Pea growing by their front door. It was so thick that you could trim it like a hedge. I wish I'd kept some seeds.

  13. I've watched the Olympics and have suddenly appreciated the dedication needed to get to that level in a chosen sport and I'm pleased that my children and grandchildren are more sporty than I ever was.
    There's something special about being outside in the early morning.
    Our lavender is now at its best and, like your sweet peas, those flowers have an evocative perfume. Thank you for the photos and names of your plants. I'm trying to build up a knowledge so I can choose wisely when buying new plants for the garden.

  14. Love your part of the world Molly.
    When we lived in Thailand, my mother came to visit. She brought sweat pea seeds which we dutifully planted in the garden. Everything grows in Thai soil, but the burning sun just fried them up the minute they popped their heads out of the ground. Oh the folly of gardening and would-be gardeners!

  15. Nothing comes from nothing. I think it's hard word that helps you achieve. What is it again?: ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration.

    My outdoor tomatoes have only been flowering for a few weeks. Tomatoes? probably not this year. I am glad I concentrate on flowers, there's always some plant or other which can be relied on to produce something.

  16. That top photo is just lovely.

  17. Lovely photos Molly. The white verbascum is gorgeous and I love the photo of the sun shining through the poly tunnel.