From Here To Eternity

My friend of 40+ years created this beautiful Altar Frontal

Who is 'I Am?' To me there is only one. The 'I Am' of yesterday is gone. The 'I Am' of today is NOW.
The 'I Am' of tomorrow will become the 'I Am' of today.
In all the uncertainty of life, and whatever happens, Brother Roger of Taize's words are so much better than mine -

'Our past is buried in the Heart of God
And of our future God has already taken care.
If all were disposed to live in this trust,
Each day would be lit up like a Christmas night.'

'Brother Roger was stabbed to death during the evening prayer service in Taizé on August 16, 2005 by a young Romanian woman named Luminița Ruxandra Solcan who was later deemed mentally ill. He was stabbed several times and, though one of the brothers carried him from the church, he died shortly afterward.' (Brother Roger - Wikipedia)

In an email I received today - my friend wrote this :-

Yesterday I was looking for something in one of my drawers and found the following poem on a bit of tatty paper. No idea where it came from or how long it has been there. Just shows how often I tidy the drawers!!!
Thought you would like to see it as it seems to fit in with the I AM message.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Shed not your tears for what you might have done;
For those you should have helped, but turned away.
Remorse is useless, yesterday is gone;
The things you should have said, you cannot say.

Today is yours. Resolve this day to give –
Where there is sadness, joy; where hatred, love;
Where there is sorrow, comfort; and to live
True to the highest precepts from above.

Tomorrow holds what secrets none can say.
Go bravely forth the dark unknown to greet;
Triumphantly with Love to point the way;
Joy to uphold you, Truth to guide your feet.


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